Apr 29, 2011

Sky Watch: Behind the Clouds

I captured these moments in the bright afternoon. Though covered by the clouds, the sun’s rays can penetrate it. It looks lovely, right?
Sky Watch Friday

6 komentar:

Hildred April 29, 2011  

Beautiful and very dramatic. Love the shades of blue.

Fjällripan April 29, 2011  

It looks really lovely! Allmost like it is water...:)

Anonymous April 29, 2011  

Such magical light!

Thomas Lee/Lee Lip Pang April 29, 2011  

Beautiful rays of lights.


Kim, USA April 29, 2011  

Looks like some alien is coming to invade us. Great rays and blue sky just perfect!

Sky Watch

Dhemz April 30, 2011  

wow, what a gracious shots...nice!

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