Jan 25, 2010

About Shopaholic

Shopping is often related to women interest. It’s one of enjoyable activities; but when shopping has turned into an addiction; you can’t let it unsolved.

To verify whether you’re a shopaholic or not, read the seen marks of a shopaholic below:

  • There is always shopping activity in your daily schedule.

  • Have a high enthusiasm in shopping. You can spend all day in mall. If there’s a sale advertisement at one mall, you always and must be there since the first day.

  • Your home has already full of expense stuffs that are unused.

  • Seeing other buys something; you are tickled to buy it, too; although in fact the money is to buy other need.

  • Shopping gives you satisfaction that can’t be replaced by other activity.
If you experienced at least two symptoms above, please, you should be aware of this problem…

According to some American psychiatrists who have handled shopaholic cases in celebrities, shopping has become one kind of dangerous enough obsession-compulsive disorder. Most of shopaholics suffer from depression or low self confidence. For them, shopping gives pleasure and comfort, though it’s only temporary.

If you want to heal from the addiction, you should have strong intention to eliminate this behavior. Here are tips to erase your shopping addiction:

  • Change your way of thinking. Emphasize yourself that shopping means buying things that you really need.

  • Change your daily schedule. Decrease the shopping activity from the list.

  • If you must buy needed goods; ask someone to accompany you. She/he will be your ‘shopping police’.

  • Always bring a list of goods needed to buy; and strict to it.

  • Avoid using credit card. Bring money sufficiently.

  • Fill your spare time with more useful activities. You can decide yourself what you will do. It can be blogging, taking courses, reading, painting, being active in social or religious activities, etc.
If you have applied all tips and still hasn’t yet succeeded, you should consult your condition to an expert. You might have more serious psychology problem.

Rewrite source: femina and google
Picture source : www.berrified.com

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