Jan 13, 2010

Be a Proud Stay at Home Woman

Whether you are a mom or just a wife like me, a stay at home woman should still develop herself. Most women can’t be kept quiet after they decided to stay at home. Though in fact there are lots of household works waiting to be done, where all those works take many of their times, energies and minds, they remain to look for something for their self esteem. Thanks to the internet technology, a stay at home woman like me can use it for many positive purposes.

We have our own reasons, why we decide to stay at home. After my Mom passed away in 1999, I have decided to remain accompany my father. I’m the youngest and have no sister. My three older brothers live in different towns and also different islands. I think it’s my job to take care of my father, until now. I feel grateful that I have a husband who wants to live with his father in-law.

For some women, it’s not easy to decide to stay at home. But sometimes a wife doesn’t have any choice if she has to accompany her husband on work duty or continuing school out of country for a long time.

It’s just my opinion; have no intention at all. I believe that every woman has her own path of life. As long as it works well for you, you can continue doing what you have chosen because every woman now has a freedom to make her choices in life. I’m writing this because I need to make a commitment for my self that I’m a proud stay at home woman.

I found a good article written by Laura Trahan. In this post I’ll share a list (written by her) - why stay at home women, especially you, stay at home moms, should be proud of who you are. Here is the list:

You are raising your child.You are the one doing all the caring jobs. You are the one doing the discipline. You teach them, mold them and watch them grow. They grow up so fast and you won’t miss any moment. When your children get older and in a problem, they will feel comfortable coming to and crying on your shoulder.

You don’t have to worry that someone (babysitter, childcare worker, etc.) may hurt your child. Moms are better at raising their own children…

You are providing for your family.
You have the full time to listen to your husband, to listen to your children, plan family dinners, outings, etc. Your family will grow closer.

You feel that your life has real purpose.Every profession has its own importance. Being a stay at home mom, you feel that you are now fulfilling God-given role. Your real life purpose is to be available emotionally and physically for your family in full time.

Of course you may have your own reasons why we should be proud to be stay at home women/moms. We can share it, right? For working moms, please don’t be angry with this article. As I said before, every woman is experiencing different situation and every women has her own path of life. We all are trying to do what is best for our family.

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