Jan 10, 2010

Are you a workaholic? (2)

This post is the continuance of workaholic topic. I’ll mention here some practical tips for you to face this work addiction. If your colleague or friend is a workaholic, you can help her. The key words are still appreciating her work productivity. But you can tell her that the condition will be far better if she does not sacrifice the quality of work, health, relationships with family and office colleagues.
There are simple tips to overcome your workaholic colleague:

  • Set the standard work procedures and work instructions guide.

  • Help your colleague to prepare a list of tasks based on priorities. Not all tasks must be completed as soon as possible.

  • Remind her always on the priority tasks that have been set.

  • Do not criticize the long work hours. You can criticize the quality of work if it below the standards. Tell her that the quality and quantity of work are the same importance.

  • To pull a workaholic out of his world, try to get your colleague to join in activities outside the office tasks such as workout in fitness sport club after office hours, lunch together, and others.

  • It is required your patience, but with the right steps, your colleague can usually begin to overcome his work addiction.

What if you are a workaholic? The most important thing is that you have already realized and recognized the symptoms that happened to you. Without any recognition, it is very difficult to overcome this addiction. You must have a strong desire and make the right steps immediately.

Applying these steps below to overcome your work addiction:
  • Try to reduce the work rhythm. Any time you feel tense, talking on yourself, say that you need a little more calm. Take a breath several times slowly until you feel relaxed.

  • Make a priority of the task based on a better level of significance. Do tasks based on priorities.

  • Select each additional task or project offer that you receive. Make assessment of whether a task or project is beneficial for career development or only add the burden of your work.

  • Learning to create a balance between working and not working activities. Choose other activities that can truly make you relaxed.

  • Join and do activities together with people who pay attention and want to help you out of this work addiction.

  • Take a vacation. During the holiday, do not think the task of the office at all. Do new things of interest. Watching movies, reading favorite books, try new foods or to go to places that you want to go. After you complete a holiday, immediately planning what you want to do on the next holiday. You can create a plan for every week end. Making a holiday plan make you wait for something fun, so you do not feel trapped in routine work.
Do all these steps consistently. If you have a strong desire, the good results usually will be able to achieve in just a short term.

A workaholic actually has a positive potential for success in the job. What should be done is to make and direct this potential as well as possible so that it does not become a boomerang for herself.

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