Jan 10, 2010

How to Have Best Appearance

Having beautiful appearance is important for a woman, but is it the most important thing? What do you think about it? The answers may vary; it depends on each woman’s life values.
Most of women realize the importance of keeping their looks. Looking beautiful can enhance your self confidence. But of course, it doesn’t mean that you have to look like an actress or a model, just be yourself and do what you should do to achieve it.

How to have your best look everyday? There is simple guidance below which can be input for you to achieve your best look:

  • Having good personalities and attitudes makes your inner beauty appears. It is important to have sincere, polite, humble, kind manners and also a clear and positive mind. You might have seen a woman who doesn’t have pretty face, but she looks very charming. It is because her inner beauty attracts others.

  • Being healthy can make you look beautiful. Your face, eyes and skin will look more fresh and bright. Keeping your health everyday by having enough sleep, taking exercise regularly, eating healthy food, drinking enough water and cleaning your body and teeth at least twice a day. The best moisturizer is the water that you drink everyday, it is not the lotion you used to apply on your skin.

  • Wearing simple make up and neat hair style is necessary for expressing your personality. Simplicity is the best. The appropriate make up and hair style will make you look fresh but still elegant.

  • Beautifying your body with neat and clean clothes that suits you is a valuable added value. There is no need to follow the fashion trend if you don’t like it. You should wear clothes that give added value to your whole performance. Have you ever heard the words “Dress for Success?” People often judge you by what you are wearing. So pay more attention while you are choosing what to wear every day.

  • Enhancing your communication skill is a must. There are many books about this subject that you can read or you may take a short course on communication skill. Good communication skill is a must if you want to increase your whole performance. Having a good communication skill makes you feel more confidence and acceptable by other people.

  • Increasing your related knowledge and information will be a benefit. Reading online news or daily newspaper is a good habit. Take your spare time to read good books and magazines. You will not be a boring person if you are smart enough. Don’t you think a smart woman is very attractive?

  • Having a positive body language will facilitate you to adapt with others. It is something that you can learn and then apply it in your daily activities. Knowing positive body languages makes you able to behave properly in every situation and interaction that you face with.
Applying these guidelines will help you to achieve your best look as not only a beautiful woman, but also a smart, charming and impressive one.

3 komentar:

teJan January 12, 2010  

yaaaah..right! thanks for sharing this. we really need to be reminded every now and then... this is really a good topic!

AstyNNS February 19, 2010  

I like it, best tips for me :-)

blue sun March 16, 2010  

Nice...I don't have good communication skills, any ideas on how to build one? Im too scared to talk to others. wat are some books out there?

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