Dec 19, 2009

Are You a Workaholic?

Dear you all, whether you are a career woman or a stay at home wife/woman (like me), you can become a workaholic. I know that I’m not a workaholic. Sometimes, when my lazy comes, I can let our bathroom unclean for weeks or not doing clothes ironing for days; hahaha…

In the mind of a workaholic, the life seems only to work, work and work. They have more enthusiasm and strong physical stamina to work late every day. What is the difference between workaholics and hard workers?

Hard workers usually increase their work rhythm of a particular time, such as (for a female employee) during the deadline, preparing presentations and making year-end reports. After that time-period elapsed, the work rhythm is back to normal.

Workaholics have a consistent high work rhythm. Workaholics will feel guilty if they are not working. For each of them a task is critical that must be completed as soon as possible. All the energy and time of workaholics are used for works. Can you see the difference?

Are workaholics also perfectionists? A perfectionist very emphasizes the importance of the work quality, even to things that are very detailed. Workaholics tend to prefer quantity or the large number of works performed. Their work quality is classified as moderate or even below the standard due to lot of works to be completed. As we all know; the human physical endurance has a limit. The fatigue will reduce the concentration and work creativity so that the job performance is declining.

For workaholic employees, they usually have poor relationship with the colleagues. They feel other people are too relaxed so that the colleagues are insisted to follow their rhythm works. The presence of a workaholic in a team work can even be harmful. The big potential conflicts can arise and there will be also the lack of team cooperation. Usually a workaholic will be deported by other members of the team.

There are not only problems in the work place; most likely female workaholic’s social life can be also disrupted. They don’t have enough time to socialize because most of their time is taken to work.

It is very obvious that this addiction should be handled seriously because the negative impact for themselves and their environment. Here are ten 'yes or no' questions to help assess whether your colleague or yourself classified as a workaholic or not (most questions are aimed to career women).

  • Do you feel always be pursued during the times in the office/ at home?
  • Are you happy with the lot of list of tasks to be completed?
  • Did you begin to forget the birthday date of your spouse, parents, children or friends?
  • Do you hate holidays because you can not work in the office?
  • Do you always bring work to home every day?
  • Are you always on edge with the work unfinished?
  • Do you often require colleagues to work more quickly?
  • Do you rarely or never even take a vacation right?
  • Do you often feel too tired to only speak with your family at home?
  • Do you often call your colleague just to discuss the job while you at home?
You have the tendency of work addicted if you have 5 or more ‘yes’ answers. Well, now you can answer the question precisely; are you a workaholic?

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