Dec 19, 2009

Fashion Tips for Pregnant Women

Pregnancy is truly the wonderful times for women. But as enormously growing of some parts of her body, most pregnant women face fashion dilemma: Can I still look stylish with this bumped shape? This problem doesn’t occur in the first few months. You can still last with your present clothes. Check your wardrobe and start to compile your clothes which you can wear during the early stage of pregnancy.

As the time goes by, there’s a big difference in your shape, most of it on belly and bust line area. Even though your all present clothes don’t fit anymore, don’t just wear clothes that make you appear like a sack! A mother to be should look beautiful and elegant. It’s important for a pregnant woman to feel enjoyable and comfortable with her own appearance because it will lead to a positively mental of pregnancy.

There are some points must be considered before choosing your own maternity clothes. The metabolism of a pregnant woman is increasing than usual, that’s why you feel rather warm and easily sweaty. Choose well sweat-absorptive fabric that makes you feel cool and comfortable to wear the clothes. The bad quality fabric of maternity clothes can effect allergic around your belly and waist. Don’t put on clothes that press your belly area because it can make you feel uncomfortable.

Pregnant woman’s bust is growing fast; so that using the right sized bra which really supports the bust growing is crucial. Forget the sale sign, you should seek well qualified bra. Don’t buy too many bras in one time, just in case you still must change your present bras into the bigger size ones.

Most pregnant women not only want to feel comfortable in wearing clothes but also have a stylish appearance. Here are some tips for you to choose stylish maternity clothes:

  • Accept your change of shape and flaunt your new curve in elegant style. Don’t too cover your body and also don’t overexpose it. Avoid choosing loose or shapeless clothes; but it doesn’t mean you may put on skin-tight clothes. Wearing clothes that show your curves gently and elegantly is very trendy and flattering.

  • Choose fashion style that most suits your personality. Seek more information about stylish maternity clothes by reading magazines or browsing internet. Don’t just follow the trend; you should wear clothes that you really like. You can pick your favorite fashion style or create your own style. Being creative is an advantage because you are able to look stylish in less cost.

  • Apply colors and prints / patterns. Don’t use fashion in totally dark colors for one occasion, brighten your appearance with bright colors such as a moss green shirt, yellow bag or maroon red wrap dress. Adding a piece of fun printed or patterned cloth can also freshen your totally looks.

  • Add accessories. By using interesting and appropriate accessories, you may attract attention to one point. Since the aim is distracting attention from belly area, you should draw others attention to your upper body part. Try to wear a scarf, poncho, shawl, pashmina, earrings, necklace or anything else that can make you look more attractive. Tops and dresses with feminine touch such as small ruffles at the neck line are very stylish one. Just remember that don’t use accessories excessively; simplicity is still the best.
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