Apr 5, 2017

Unique Ideas for Wedding Entertainment

Your wedding day tends to be the most exciting day of your life and you would like to have it worth remembering for your guests. All you have to do is pick some easy ideas from here and add up in your wedding to-do list.

- Fun Fair
A retro setup of country fair theme or village fete gives a traditional look to the wedding. Don’t forget to give a fresh look by fresh flowers.

- Games
Traditional games reminds of childhood and guests play with enthusiasm. Let them test their skill with jenga, crossword, chess, ludo or snakes & ladder.

- 5 Minute Portrait
Everyone loves a quick portrait drawn in 5 minutes. It is also interesting for others to watch and can be a unique wedding present for your guests.

- Abracadabra
A table top magician can add a lot of amusement for your guest. Tricks like cunning coin illusions, an odd dove or three or clever card tricks.

- Look-a-likes?
Yes, you can have Michael Jackson, Ronaldo or even Prince of Wales at your wedding.
Make sure they are easy to mingle and entertain your guests.

- Keep Kids Busy
Honestly speaking, wedding can be boring for kids when they have nothing to do between dancing and food. You can keep the children busy in laughing with expert kid entertainers such as face painters, clowns, stilt walkers or balloon modellers.

- Tasty Summer
Let you guests spoil with tasty treats like candy floss, ice creams, slushes, retro sweets and make them fall in childhood summers.

- Cover Bands
If you haven’t heard about tribute bands you are missing something. Also known as 80s cover band who start your event in formal dresscode playing soft classy ‘JazzPants’ for cocktail hour, followed by one of the members DJ/MC’ing all the formalities (Grand entrance, dances, toasts etc..) finished by the band in full 80’s attire rocking the funniest choreography you have ever seen!

- Song Service
Just imagine the surprising look on your guest’s faces if the waiters serving them whole afternoon/evening suddenly decides to sing at night and soon other waiters also join him. Singing waiters can give a great laughter.

- Come’on John, Play it Again.
A cocktail pianist can create a sensational evening during meals. Ensure,  if he could take song requests from guests and they can enjoy their favourite tracks again and again.

- Closeup Faces!
You can assemble a photo booth of teenage years to make different different funny faces and laughing on the results.

- Lady Luck.
Ask your guests to place bets on your personalised casinos optional showgirls and slots with unreal money and real fun.

- Chocolate flow.
A chocolate fountain can add a lot of taste to the wedding.

Hope you find these ideas funny and entertaining and we wish you have an astonishing wedding.

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