Apr 17, 2017

Why tanning is a safe source of vitamin D?

When you spend time under the sun, you increase the vitamin D supply in the body. Vitamin B is responsible for fighting heart disease, depression, cancer and osteoporosis. The bad thing is that during winter, it can be quite difficult to get even a few minutes of sunshine in the busy schedules that we have. There are also areas where the sunshine is very little.

So what do we do when it is difficult to find natural sunshine? One of the best options available is to visit spray tanning salons in Tulsa. However, one of the key questions in the minds of many people is on whether a Tulsa tanning can provide the same quality of vitamin D as what you get form the sunlight. The tanning booths and the sun both send 2 kinds of ultraviolet light rays-UVA & UVB. Both types are obtained by the skin but in different ways.

UVA contains longer wavelengths and are therefore able to reach the deepest part of the skin. On the other hand, the lengths of the UVBs are usually shorter and are only able to reach the outer layer of the skin. The UVB rays are responsible for triggering vitamin D synthesis in the skin and therefore, play a key role in the benefits of the sun to the skin. This means that when you expose your face and arms to the skin for a period of 20 minutes every day, you will be getting enough UVB rays.

It is possible to calibrate a tanning bed to ensure that it produces high amounts of UVB rays and therefore produce the same health benefits gotten from sunshine. However, the most important thing is to ensure moderation. There is need to prevent excessive exposure to the ultraviolet rays as this may have dangerous consequences.

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