Apr 26, 2017

For housemaids: 8 essential cleaning supplies & equipment

For effectiveness and efficiency that shows in housecleaning, having the right supplies and equipment makes the real difference. The list of essential cleaning supplies below is crucial for both owners and housemaids in Dubai so make sure you’ve all the stuff!

Must-have cleaning solutions
The list of cleaning solutions are suitable either for all types of surface or just one. Don’t forget reading the instruction label before purchasing any of these;

1.   All-purpose cleaner
This particular cleaner is effective on sinks, countertops and stovetops. If you’ve marble or granite countertops, be sure to clean from multi-purpose solution thereby avoiding damage. The same rule is applicable on glass stovetops that require special glass polish.

2.   Tile & grout cleaner
A scrub-free acidic solution cleans toilets, bathtubs and shower tiles best. For floor tiles however, you might opt for something mild as acid can ruin the tile and eat the grout. Most tile manufacturers recommend regular mop and blast of hot water to remove loose dust, dirt and grit. A neutral pH cleaning solution is used to clean floor spills by most of the housemaids in Dubai.

3.   Wood cleaner
For cleaning wood finish, there’s a special polish available for the purpose as all other cleaners would simply ruin the surface for good. Only a solution of warm water and mild dishwashing soap is preferred for floors with a polyurethane seal after which you may simply sweep and mop to maintain the surface. Avoid using too much water or it might ruin the wood quality!

4.   Glass cleaner
Go for a streak-free solution especially formulated to clean the mirrors, windows and other glass surfaces conveniently. This is also another essential supplies used frequently by professional housemaids in Dubai.

You may also look for eco-friendly or green cleaning products available widely at most of the convenient stores.

Must-have cleaning tools
Cleaning tools also vary by surface such as some are too abrasive while others are softer. What you purchase would make a difference;

1.Microfiber cloth
Made of polyester with natural static electricity charge, microfiber clothes are best to extract even the tiniest dust speck from a surface. They’re soft which makes them safe for paint and wood surface. Be sure the cloth doesn’t have anything attach as you clean or it may leave behind streaks or grit specks.

2.Extendible duster
Those hard-to-reach places aren’t a problem anymore thanks to extendible dusters that makes another important item to the supply list of housemaids in Dubai.

3.Scrubby sponges
Like the name, the product can be used for multi-purpose cleaning that is sensitive surfaces are dealt with spongy side whereas tough stuff is best cleaned through the scrubber being abrasive. You can use these in both the kitchen and bathroom.

A vacuum cleaner is best for both soft and hard surfaces due to the multi-purpose attachments. You can even clean certain electronic appliances using the brush attachment without blowing dust all over.

Almost all housemaids in Dubai happen to have the above essential cleaning supplies to maintain quality of work for a spotless job.

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