May 3, 2017

Amazing Facts about Dominica That You Didn’t Know

Distinguished by the Geothermal Hot Spring, the Dominica is the famous Mountainous Caribbean Island Nation. This beautiful and Nature-Abandoned is officially named as The Common Wealth of Dominica.Being a prominent part of the Lesser Antilles archipelago and Winward Islands of the Caribbean, the Dominica faces the Atlantic Ocean to the east. The Martinique and French Islands of Gaudeloupe happen to be its nearest neighbors from south & North. The official language of this Nation is English that's why communication isn't really a barrier for an outsider.
Earlier this year, the Population of Dominica is estimated to be over 72,700 and that's pretty good number of population for the small island. This indicates that people simply love to live there and perhaps that's the reason as to why the government is offering great opportunities to avail Dominica passport. Apart from all the known fact, there is plenty that you don't know about Dominica. So let's dig in to discover more;

Highest Mountain Peak

Firstly, the majority of the island is covered by the dense mountains and rainforest. With an extremely rugged land, the overall terrain is also very steep. Painted green, the tall and massive mountains give a picturesque view that feels not less than mesmerizing. MorneDiablotins is the highest mountain peak on Dominica that is 1447 meters. The land of Dominica is finely jeweled with the beautiful and spectacular mountains that even fascinate the tourists as well.

Trafalgar Falls

Even many locals having Dominica passport aren’t aware of this exquisite site. Twin Trafalgar Falls is amongst the most heart throbbing sites of the Dominica. It’s mainly a combination of two waterfalls situated on the left and right side of the same place. People even call it Mother and Father as the blend so nicely that leaves the eyes astonished. The pools they fall in are very deep and there is also a small hot water spring nearby.

Champagne Reef

This one is a really famous snorkel and dive site especially for the ones who are obsessed with swimming. It lies at the southwest coast in the marine reserve. Besides, the nature keeps on adding glitches consistently with its geothermal activity that causes a bazillion bubbles beneath the rocks. If you are eager to see the sea horses, flying gurnards and frogfish, you can get a chance to see them all here in the warm water. Dominica is truly blessed to have such amazing gifts of nature.


The Cuisines of Dominica and other Caribbean countries are quite alike. Main courses in common include meat such as chicken, goat, lamb & beef etc. and these are usually covered in sauce. Dominicans prefer either concoction made from local fruitor spicy pepper sauces.

In case you are wondering about having this place as your second homeland, it’s the best time to apply for the Dominica passport. This way you will be able to enjoy almost all the facilities without getting stuck with legal issues. In fact, you would have all the rights that the Local Dominicans have.

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