Nov 10, 2011

The Bridge in My Husband’s Home Town


I spent last weekend in my husband’s home town. There’s a famous bridge in this small city that has become the city icon. I’ve ever made a post about this bridge before, but since I saw there’s a big difference now, I think to write it again as a Nostalgia on its ‘before and after’ look. The bridge looks different for the double railway track project. The new bridge covers the old bridge -from my favorite side of view- I’ll miss the beauty of the bridge!

Let me share here again about the brief story behind this bridge (the old one):
The bridge isn’t for vehicles; it’s a bridge for trains. Some brave people use the bridge to across the river. Located in my husband’s home town (Bumiayu, Central Java, Indonesia), the bridge is very famous. Local people are used to call it Saka Limalas (Fifteen Bridge); as there are 15 big poles support the bridge.

Two poles had ever broken (one pole totally collapsed) for the severe flood; about thirty years ago. A farmer became a hero that day. The very hard rain didn’t stop him. He ran and stood at the edge of the bridge while waving his burned shirt (using a tree branch) to stop the coming train. His brave act saved many lives!

The Indonesia President at that time invited the farmer to meet the President at the Presidential Palace in Jakarta. As appreciation for his noble deed, the President asked what kind of gift the farmer’s want. He asked nothing for himself; but he requested the President to build an elementary school in his village. The school still exists until now. A statue (a man who’s waving a clothed branch) was also built in the front of the school; to appreciate the real hero’s service.

The hero is still alive and now he’s already an old man. He owns a small but very successful eating place near the river.

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kalaiselvisblog November 10, 2011  

he's really a great hero sis.. wonderful story behind that bridge...

Yen November 10, 2011  

Wow an improvement from an old historic bridge. Much better and stronger I believe.:)

nuts November 10, 2011  

it's always good to keep a copy so you can always compare the before and after image. a historical bridge!

Chubskulit Rose November 10, 2011  

I actually like the before image, it's kinda reverse basing on the photos you captured hehehe..

Kim, USA November 11, 2011  

Bridge is very important for peoples easy access to the nearest town. These bridge is awesome and I could tell the difference. ^_^


Mai @ Redlane Geraine November 11, 2011  

That's a great story. So inspiring. Sad to see that the beauty of the old bridge and the river was no more but glad that the new bridge is helping many people and industries in Central Java.

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