Nov 9, 2011

5 Great Ways to Feel Beautiful While Pregnant

Being pregnant is a time of your life you will never forget, though unfortunately most women find it hard to feel good about themselves during their pregnancy. It is important not to be hard on yourself for not looking like a super model. Pregnancy is a time when you are actually carrying another human around in your stomach. There is nothing more natural than pregnancy and you are still beautiful; the following ideas will help make sure you feel that way.

Flaunt It
Obviously your non-pregnant clothes won’t fit you anymore, so it is time for a shopping spree. Don’t just wear a tent for the next nine months, instead get some clothing that is not only comfortable but looks good too. Maternity wear these days includes everything from evening dresses to
maternity swimwear, so get yourself some new threads and feel great being out and about. A lot of companies have great websites which make shopping from home easy, so pick out some sexy lingerie from Victoria’s Secret or a cute tank top from bonds online, and feel great about your new figure.

Celebrate It
Once your little one is born and grown up, you will want to remember those incredible months when they were inside your belly. Being pregnant is an amazing and beautiful thing, with one great way to mark this special time being to get a cast of your belly made up. After the birth when you have your regular figure back, your cast will help you be able to appreciate just how special it was to have carried a child for 9 months.

Eat Healthy
Being pregnant shouldn’t be an excuse to over indulge or to let yourself go. It’s normal and healthy to put on weight though make sure you are eating healthy so that you aren’t packing on more pounds than is necessary. What you eat during your pregnancy will greatly affect how you feel about yourself as well as the health of your baby, so be good to both of you. You will feel better about your body if you know you are treating it right; eat healthy and you’ll be feeling great about your pregnant body.

Treat Yourself
You won’t have control over a lot of things about your body during pregnancy, so take care of the things you can, like your skin. Having great skin is something every woman wants (pregnant or not) so treat yourself to lotions and creams that have your skin looking good and you feeling great.

Take Photos
A great way to mark this incredible time in your life is to photograph it. Take one photo each month to capture the changes happening in your body and the development of your baby. Having the photos done will keep you focused on the miraculous nature of what is happening, rather than feeling like you are fat. Dress up for the photos each month and make it a regular glamour shot. You’ll look forward to the photos and make it a time of the month to celebrate how you look.

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kalaiselvisblog November 09, 2011  

its so so touchy... lovely post sis... i just thought of my pregnancy days.. as u said its a wonderful feel now.. surely i will put a post abot my experience...

Goyang Karawang November 10, 2011  

bagi saya wanita hamil itu seksi banget :)

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