Nov 11, 2011

5 Tips You Must Know Before Renting A Storage Space

When you want to free up some valuable space around your home or office, you must rent a storage unit nearby. But all storage units are not created equal; neither in size, nor in facilities. Rent is not the only factor to consider while renting a storage space, but other factors like security, ease of access, flexible accessible hours, and cleanliness must be considered. Some of the storage realities that you must know before renting a storage space are listed below:

No two storage companies are alike Though, the purpose of all the storage units is to store your household or official items for a particular duration of time for which it is rented, no two storage facilities are alike. These warehouses differ from each other in security measures, access, cleanliness, temperature control, customer service.

Security system doesn't ensure no burglaries It is not always necessary that self-storage burglaries won't happen due to the tight security measures provided by the storage company. Padlocks can be easily cut with bolt cutters. A burglar may enter into a storage company by cracking the confidential gate code. You must make sure to rent a storage unit, where there are video cameras on the site, covering as much of the property as possible, through digital recording. Alarms must be installed at every door as well as window, to detect an unauthorized entry.

Storage owner may keep raising the rent Sometimes, the manager offers a huge discount at the time when you avail their services, but they raise the rent a couple of months later. You must ask them if they are going to raise the rent just after you submit your belongings with them. Ask them to provide everything in writing.

Some facilities offer truck rentals and some do not Ask before hand if the company provides truck rentals to its customers. You can always ask for discount on the rental of the truck.

Rent space as per your storage requirements
Make a list of the possessions to be stored in the unit to determine the size of the space you will need. You could be jeopardizing your belongings by stuffing them in a small space. If you are moving long distance or are renovating your home, you would need a short-term storage. While moving you need the services of self-storage, until you are able to gain access to your new home. You would need to rent a huge storage space for storing all your possessions.

Make sure that you can take your things to the unit easily; a cart or dolly to help assist you in moving items to and from the storage unit would be great. To avoid paying any additional charges in the future inquire about things like deposits, move-in fees or monthly statement fees.

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