Nov 3, 2011

Melbourne’s Friendliest Bars

Life in the big city can be tough. It can seem that no one has time for one another, that people are too self-involved, and that having a chat to a stranger is considered dangerous, rather than friendly. Melbourne, as far as big cities go, is actually pretty friendly, but it can still be difficult to find a bar where making friends or swapping a few racing tips back and forth is considered kosher. Luckily, we’ve put together a list of some of Melbourne’s friendliest bars so that you can work those smile muscles once in a while and perhaps even make a new friend! Joy!

Madame Brussels

This quirky inner city bar is set at the very top of a non-descript building on Bourke Street. It occupies a rooftop terrace so you can look out over the city and wonder at all the tiny strangers going about their day. Madame Brussels isn’t about strangers, though—it’s about friends you haven’t met yet. Everything from the warmly worded menu to the refreshing and heartwarming (literally) cocktails served in teapots points to amiable mingling. Feeling a bit chilly? The staff will bring you out a blanket. Sun in your eyes? Grab a parasol to block it out! Madame Brussels is a world away from the sterile bars of other big cities, and that is just the way they like it.

Bimbo Deluxe

A pub-cum-nightclub in Fitzroy, Bimbo Deluxe is all about friendly service and a laid-back vibe. The slightly quirky, grungy interior takes you right back to the 1990s, but happily, so do the drinks prices! There is a communal rooftop patio upstairs adorned with hundreds of lanterns that make you feel as though you’ve just stepped into a New York bar, and with the chairs and tables so close to one another, it’s impossible not to make friends with the people sitting near you. Downstairs there’s good music playing—everything from classics to contemporary electronic music—and whether you want to dance, play pool or just lounge around on the comfortable couches, you’re sure to have a good time.

Retreat Hotel

While it may sound like you’re going to come inside and have a facial or do some yoga, the retreat hotel offers a different kind of respite—respite from the pretentious nature of so many other trendy inner city bars. While it is a crowd favourite with both young and old, the Retreat Hotel on Sydney Road in Brunswick has none of the self-awareness that other iconic pubs in Melbourne do. Boasting a big, sprawling beer garden perfect for reading a book or chatting until dusk, the Retreat is a mainstay of the Melbourne social scene and is packed almost every night of the week. Head to the Retreat during Melbourne Cup to watch ‘the race that stops the nation’—it’s known as being a great place to be to experience all the excitement!

Melbourne bars are known as great spots to drink and dance, but if you’re looking to make friends or at least enjoy a very friendly atmosphere, these three bars are among the best.

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