Nov 22, 2011

The 5 Best Places to Hide Your Jewellery

If your home was to be burgled the first thing thieves go for are items that are easy to carry and conceal, your jewellery being the most obvious. Jewellery can be easy to sell, and if it is a distinctive piece, the stones can be taken out and sold individually. The best way to avoid losing your personal possessions and your jewellery is to avoid break ins in the first place. Installing proper security doors, having an alarm system, using security cameras and also putting security screens on your windows can help stop people from breaking in to your home and also act as a deterrent in the first place. Another way to avoid having your precious jewellery stolen is to hide it. Rather than keeping it on your dresser, in a jewellery box or in your bedside table, think a little more creatively about where you put it.

Secret compartments

Inspect your drawers, cupboards, suitcases or other furniture and see whether you can build a secret compartment within them. You might have a desk with drawers that are perfect for building a false bottom in or have a carpenter build clever compartments in a piece of furniture.


If you have an item that is of considerable value and is one that you only wear on special occasions you might want to think about hiding it in your freezer, and even go so far as putting inside a bag of frozen peas or push it into a tub of ice cream. If you are going to go this far wrap your item of jewellery up in cling wrap or put it in a zip lock plastic bag. Remember which item of food you have put it in and remind other household members not to eat it, just in case they consume your great grandmother's engagement ring by accident.

Dog kennel

Don't limit your hiding places just to inside your home. You can also hide items around the back garden, although they will need to be fool proof hiding spots. You should also protect your jewellery from being scratched and bumped by wrapping it up in bubble wrap and placing it in a zip lock plastic bag which is sealed tightly. A dog kennel is a good place to hide something of value if you really feel you have to conceal it. Tape the item securely up inside the roof or build a second floor for the kennel and put your items underneath this false floor. If you have a big dog sit him on top and no thief will dare go near.


Your pantry is full of lots of great hiding places for small items of jewellery. Once again place your jewellery inside plastic bags and hide these inside the flour container or in the box of cereal that never gets eaten.

Inside furniture

Your furniture can be perfect places to hide small items. You could tape pieces of jewellery up under armchairs or lounges or even on to the underside of a table. If you have a piano lift up the lid and see where you can tape items. Often piano stools have a lid with a cavity in them already for holding sheet music.


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