Nov 14, 2011

How to Pack for Your Children When Travelling Overseas

If you are going on an overseas holiday and taking your children with you there are a few things that you need to remember to pack for them. Travelling light is always a good idea, for both you and your children, but as well as your children's clothing there are a few other items that you should remember to pack.

Packing for baby

If you are travelling overseas with a baby then you need to make sure you are prepared. If your baby is breastfed then it will make it that little bit easier as you won't need to pack bottles and any sterilising equipment if the baby is under six months of age. Pack enough nappies to get you at least to your destination. Once there you can stock up on the different overseas brands and have fun trying something new. Same goes for wipes and any other nappy changing products. You simply won't be able to carry the amount you will need for your entire trip, and it is easier to just buy them when you arrive. Pack comfortable grow suits that are easy to wash by hand and that dry quickly. Pack a few singlets and a couple of warm cardigans or jackets. Remember to pack a little hat as well.


For young children pack a few changes of clothes that are easy to wash by hand and that dry easily without creasing. If you are packing
girls clothes pack a dress for for going out, a pair of jeans and a couple of skirts. Pack tops that can be matched with either skirt or jeans. You will need a warm top as well. Depending on the season you might need a sun hat, bathers for swimming or winter woollies.


Be prepared for any kind of emergency. Pack pain relief medicine for children, and if you have a baby you will need to certainly pack this special medication because you might not be able to get it where you are going. A small first aid kit will come in handy with simple things like band aids and antiseptic cream. Make sure you pack your sunscreen too. It is also a good idea to take a small sewing kit with you in case you need to sew on a missing button or do any minor repairs to their clothes.

On the plane

Plane trips can be difficult for children so plan ahead and pack a bag of small toys and puzzles and other bits and pieces to keep them entertained. It will depend on their age as to what you pack but don't give them the whole bag of tricks at the start. Give them an item at a time and try to spread it out over the whole journey so you can break up the trip for them. Encourage them to get some sleep and there is always the in flight movies. Meal times can help relieve their boredom too.


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Wandi Sukoharjo November 14, 2011  

Caranya benar-benar praktis ya mbak Lina. Betwe, nekjika anaknya > 1 apa juga makek cara di atas?

Yen November 14, 2011  

Just bring what those stuff that are of highly needed. :)
Thank you for sharing this post.

kalaiselvisblog November 14, 2011  

dis is a very informative post sis... well done...

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