Feb 24, 2011

Nostalgia : My First and Last Dance

What I mean here is dance performing in front of audience. I’ve never done it again. I was at 2rd kindergarten that time. I forget what the event was; but I guess it’s a traditional dance show participated by several kindergartens in the city (Bandung, West Java, Indonesia).

I looked cute in this traditional costume, right? Hahaha, I like wearing the costume since I still can move freely. Before the show, we practiced every day for about two weeks. My Mom said that I was dancing beautifully.
I know I’m not good at dancing. It’s hard for me to memorize every step and movement. Compared with others, I need more times to learn a dance. I prefer to sing in a vocal group. During Secondary School days, I was one of vocal group members of my school. I don’t mind if I’ve never performed a dance again, at least, I’ve done it once!


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