Feb 27, 2011

Colorful Celosia Argentea

You can see lots of Celosia flowers inside Nusantara Yellow Park (Cipanas, West Java, Indonesia). Celosia is an annual flower. Wherever they grow, their blooming flowers will always get attention, right?

Celosia has a wide choice of appearance, size, and color. Celosia presents large flower clusters on top of green or reddish leaves. Colors include yellow, gold, red, pink, orange, and wine. Velvety crested types (cockscomb) are rippled, whereas others are shaped like plumes or spikes. Heights range from 6 to 36 inches; flower size­ is not determined by height.

Today's Flowers

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Yen February 27, 2011  

now i know the name of these flowers kind. celosia:-)

Arija February 27, 2011  

Lovely warm colours of your flowers.

kim February 27, 2011  

they are beautiful! they look like lighted candles, lol!

Chubskulit Rose February 27, 2011  

Very pretty!

Roses, Baby's Breath, and Daisies, have a blessed Sunday!

Anonymous February 28, 2011  

Great pictures!!
Very beautiful flowers.
I wrote today about the Fireweed - Celosia Spicata. Pictures are from the Island of St. Thomas.
- Cheers.

Laerte Pupo February 28, 2011  

Beautiful photos.

Arija February 28, 2011  

The post on my blog shows many more of the flowers I oosted as guest friend

jenie February 28, 2011  

they look absolutely gorgeous! i'd so like to travel just to see the wonders of nature...wish i can go there one time.

nice to be here again =) missed it here.

Unknown February 28, 2011  

oh, these are beautiful! i love the colors here...refreshing!

Today's Flowers

eden February 28, 2011  

beautiful flowers. nice shots.

Wandi Sukoharjo March 01, 2011  

Maaf, OOT, Domain yang ini masih aktif gitu kok mbak, kenapa ganti domain?

Anonymous March 01, 2011  

Mata saya terasa seger banget ngeliat fotonya, indah sekali... full colour....

Dhemz March 01, 2011  

wow! very pleasing to the eyes...I have one like this kind of plant before.

AstyNNS March 01, 2011  

Selalu dpt pengetahuan baru kalo berkunjung ke blog ini, like it!

Btw ada Award utk Mbak Lina, thanks ;D

Míriam Luiza March 04, 2011  

Lindo jardim, colorido e bom de olhar!

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