Feb 8, 2011

Flying Fox Game

Why is it called flying fox? I guess it relates with flying fox bats that love hanging like any other bat. Flying fox is a hanging cable car. This term is generally applied in reference to small-space zip line equipment. Flying fox game itself is modified from military training by gliding from particular height.

Though it looks safe, I’ve never tried this game. I saw that every glider must use back harness and karabiner for safety purpose. My high sickness is always becoming my main excuse. Until now, I still let my high sickness unsolved.

Anyway, these fun shots were captured on last Wednesday, during CNY holiday. We (hubby and I) and in-laws were visiting a recreation and shopping center in my city (Tajur Ski- Bogor,West Java, Indonesia). The place was full of people. My in-laws were shopping bags there; but I felt lazy being in the crowd in the big store. I preferred to go outside and saw some people gliding on the cable. Have you tried this game?

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Damiao February 08, 2011  

Great posting, as usual you always share interesting topics for us. Now, I deleted a lot of gadgets, it is easier to navigate my blog. Carlos, your Brazilian friend.

Kim, USA February 08, 2011  

This kind of activity is also booming in the Philippines. I just do hope that those people who prepare and maintain the ropes and everything are doing good. This looks fun.

Dhemz February 08, 2011  

oh my! zipline...would love to try this someday when we go back to the Philippines.

Unknown February 08, 2011  

i tried this a few years ago and it was an amazing experience! exciting and exhilarating.

Goyang Karawang February 08, 2011  

bagus buat mengasah jantung hehe.. saya suka nih dengan permainan adrenalin kayak gini mba :)

Chubskulit Rose February 08, 2011  

That look so much fun Lina.

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AstyNNS February 08, 2011  

I ever tried this game in Umbul Sidomukti Bandungan Semarang, it's so fun, like it!!

Dunia Berkarya February 08, 2011  

Your article makes me longing to play again, my is an organization of nature lovers, but this time I was not active.

eden February 08, 2011  

I am not sure if I will try it. It is kinda scary to me..hehehe

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