Feb 15, 2011

Water Ball

What is a water ball? Have you ever seen one? Water ball is a big transparent ball (8ft. in diameter). Made of a clear super transparent special material, the waterball is simple and easy to use.

I saw these waterballs at a recreation center in my city (Tajurski, Bogor, Indonesia). Though it was raining on and off, the visitors were full. While taking pictures, I noticed how to use it. Just blow it up, open up the zipper, and the riders can enters inside. Close the zipper and re-inflate the waterball again to full capacity. The waterball is ready to use and the riders inside can do water walking.

But I guess it’s not easy at all to do the water walking; I saw they were falling inside the ball repeatedly. I still have my doubt to try water ball; what about you? Are you interested to walk on the water?

Ruby Tuesday

12 komentar:

Vrinda February 15, 2011  

it's really fun to be inside water ball. Nice capture!

imriz February 15, 2011  

i feel nauseous by just seeing it, lina. i maybe be ready... in YEARS time:)

Luna Miranda February 15, 2011  

these balls are so much fun....we have them here, too. my sister wanted to try it but the gate-keeper said it's only for kids.:p

Mona February 15, 2011  

i doubt if i will go inside this water ball looking at it makes me feel dizzy hehe, visit my RT too :)

Aby Tukang Download February 15, 2011  

kalo aby masuk ke situ muat ga ya kira2?

Willyo Alsyah P. Isman February 15, 2011  

asik juga tuh, jadi pengen juga.. wakakakakak

Online Unsolved Mysteries Story | Corner Mystery February 16, 2011  

nice post...
please exchange link with me Mrs.. ^_^

Aby Tukang Download February 16, 2011  

seru kali ya mbak kalo aby masuk ke situ sama si "anu"

MinnieRunner February 16, 2011  

I guess I won't try that one either. I'm afraid I might get scarce of Oxygen to breathe :D

Willyo Alsyah P. Isman February 17, 2011  

aku datang Mba lin

Dhemz February 17, 2011  

that looks super fun...I have not tried that before.

kim February 17, 2011  

so cute!

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