Feb 1, 2011

Why Most Women Don’t Like Fishing?

I don’t know in your place, but every time I visit any fishing area like this, I seldom see women. It seems to me that more men like fishing than women.

If you ask me personally why I don’t like fishing, it’s because I can’t stand with sitting and waiting the fish takes the bait. I also don’t like to hurt fish mouth with the sharp hook.

What are the reasons? I still don’t know the accurate answer, but perhaps these statements can explain:

1. Here, men are still assumed as suppliers for their families. Though fishing has been becoming a recreational sport nowadays, the men still feel that they are providing food for their families.
2. I’ve ever seen some women who like fishing on a television program. But in my society, fishing is still assumed as a manly sport. I guess women who want to be more feminine will tend to avoid fishing activities.
3. Perhaps men assume fishing as the right stress-releasing way and the right reason to leave homes for a while. Every one needs a little break once in a while, right?

What about you? Do you like fishing?

These photos were captured last Wednesday, when we were eating out. Near the restaurant, I saw this fishing place.

Ruby Tuesday

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Chubskulit Rose February 01, 2011  
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Dunia Berkarya February 01, 2011  

yes friends, fishing activity is more dominant males, because of other hobbies and more, I just remember when I was a little fishing with my friends, and for now busy making a living for the family.

eden February 01, 2011  

Same with Rose, I grew up in the coastal area of the Phils and we were taught how to fish. I love it even though until this time I am having trouble doing the casting so hubby does it for me every time we go fishing. My kids love it too.

Unknown February 01, 2011  

seru ya mbak kalo rame2 kayak gitu
di sini ada sih cewek yang mancing tapi gak banyak, itu juga sama pasangannya

Yoshi February 01, 2011  

Very interesting point. You are right. It's always men fishing in my country, Japan.I haven't thought about it.
Another reason is to be alone and do nothing. Since I haven't seen fishing guys getting upset when there was no catch after all...

Madzhab Bisnis OnLine February 01, 2011  

Waduh... bahasa bule lagi nich!
ora mudeng aku mbak :(

so, mohon ijin ga komen yach :p

Kim, USA February 01, 2011  

I don't know it made me think too. Well for me it's kind of boring and I feel sleepy waiting for a single small tiny fish. I should go to the market and cooked it right away that is better hahahaha!! Happy Tuesday!
Reb Flower

Unknown February 02, 2011  

parah mbak, kan aby baru sempet nonton tadi, film perjaka terakhir 2 yg sinopsisnya mbak terjemahin itu.
tau ga mbak, ternyata sinopsis ama filmnya gak nyambung

1. gak ada tu ceritanya penjahat mau meledakkan bom, penjahatnya gak bawa bom

2. sugeng (ringgo) itu berperan sebagai satpam, bukan polisi

3. sugeng memang berjanji mempromosikan perguruan, tapi nyatanya gak ada, apa lagi sampai masuk TV, bener2 gak ada.

4. ga ada cerita perguruan itu sampe sukses

5. Ki wedan itu bukan dari perguruan lain, dia mantan murid master2 yg ngajarin sugeng beladiri, dia diusir master karena membunuh orang

6. gak ada cerita kalo ki wedan nyuruh anak buahnya mencari sugeng, wong ki wedan aja gak punya anak buah

7. semua master memang dibunuh oleh ki wedan, dan ki wedan menculik sam, tapi gak dibawa ke atas monas (padahal di adegan ini aby udah ngebayangin pasti seru tuh pertarungan di atas monas)
tapi nyatanya gak ada :'(

8. sam itu diculik dan dibawa ke gudang kosong, di situ pertarungannya

9. oh ya mbak, covernya juga gak nyambung tuh mbak

10. sangat mengecewakan

parah kan mbak, kita diboongin

kalo mbak ada niat buat download, medingan baalin aja mbak, pasti mengecewakan.

demonyitogwapito February 02, 2011  

yes. Men are the suppliers of the family although, nowadays, lot of women are also working in order to share to the family financially. when it comes to sport, it is just like basketball where men are more playing rather than women.

Unknown February 02, 2011  

aby belum sempat nonton mbak film pemburu hantunya, paling 1 hari nonton 1-2 film aja, sedangkan film yang masuk bisa 5-10 perhari
jadi belum tau tim pemburu hantunya asli apa gak

health care tips February 03, 2011  

Bingung, padahal artikelnya ngomongin tentang memancing tapi kok komennya banyak tentang film ya? jadi penasaran saya

Dhemz February 04, 2011  

oh I've been wanting to go fishing, but hubby don't like to fish...weeee!

EG CameraGirl February 04, 2011  

Hmmm. Mostly men fish here but it's not uncommon to see women as well. :))

kaye February 05, 2011  

fishing for is nice and relaxing. away from the city.

Anonymous May 19, 2011  


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