Feb 17, 2011

Nostalgia : Pasir Mukti Village

I’ve ever written a post about my activities during three months in Pasir Mukti village, Citeureup, Indonesia. This time, I want to share a little about the village itself.

Pasir Mukti is a unique village. In the photo, you can see the long conveyor belt that passes through the village, from the calcium stone hill into a big cement factory. It’s my first time to see a very long conveyor belt (I didn’t know the actual length) passes over a village. What is a conveyor belt? It’s a continuous flexible band moved by a series of rollers to transport objects or material from one place to another.
Located between the big cement factory and the hill, this village has no other option, I guess. Though the conveyor belt moves through along the edges of village that it’s not full with houses; you can see the soft white dust on the roofs.

For me, the most annoying is the sound pollution. The movement of conveyor belt produces noisy sound. But the village people there seemed not annoyed at all, perhaps they have been used to.

This conveyor will be stopped in the night and every praying time for Moslems (several minutes) in the day. I heard this village is given regularly compensation from the factory. The given compensation can be varied; it depends on the negotiation between the local government and the factory.

Every day, about 1.00 pm, you’ll hear the sound of explosion from the mine in the hill far away. It’s not the loud one, but you still can feel the trill.

I really want to visit this village again, one day.


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