Feb 4, 2011

Sky Watch: Sunset and Evening Lights

Chinese New Year yesterday is a holiday here, in Indonesia. My in-laws who stay in Jakarta came and asked us to accompany them to visit several factory outlets in my city (Bogor, West Java, Indonesia). Yesterday afternoon, after they went back to Jakarta, my husband and I decided not to straightly go back home; as we wanted to hang out first at our favorite café.

While enjoying my hot chocolate there, I still can take some pictures. The first was captured at about 5.50 pm and the second was about 6.35 pm. The lights were already appearing! It’s a pity that it wasn’t a bright weather. The rain was falling on and off – during the whole day.

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eileeninmd February 04, 2011  

Happy New Years, Lina! Your skywatch photos are both beautiful.

FATTY February 04, 2011  

i always like sky with clouds around there.... nice angle....

Kim, USA February 04, 2011  
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Anonymous February 04, 2011  
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halobro February 04, 2011  

met th baru mba..obyek photonya bgs..sy kadang2 klo pas ke puncak ma suami n anak2, plg suka view jelang magrib ky gini. salam.

Unknown February 04, 2011  

imlek di sini sepi mbak, ujan lagi

eden February 05, 2011  

Great captures, Lina!

Have a great weekend.

demonyitogwapito February 05, 2011  

happy new year... another year for us to live.. :)

nice shot..

Agenda ibu rumah tangga February 06, 2011  

Nice one, I went to Bogor during the CNY holiday, hmm...maybe sometimes we can meet when I went to Bogor :)
How r u?

Dhemz February 08, 2011  

wow! magnificent! I love it...wonderful shots....:)

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