Feb 10, 2011

Nostalgia : Best College Friends

College times were one of wonderful times in our life, right? I really enjoy my college times, though I must live far away from my parents. I entered my college (Institut Pertanian Bogor-Bogor Agricultural Institute) through PMDK program. I didn’t have to take a test anymore. Only two students in my high school were accepted in the college. It didn’t mean that I’m so smart, but most of my friends preferred to choose another college. Agriculture field wasn’t their favorite choice.

I took Agribusiness study program. Thank God, my grades were allowed me to choose this study. I have many good friends. Now, lots of them are becoming successful persons in their career. Several of them live abroad, including two of my best friends, Monique and Maya.

The picture was taken while we had our last lunch together at a restaurant. The restaurant is near to a beautiful resort; we were taking pictures there. It was a great idea to take these pictures, as each of us can memorize our togetherness at college. Though it isn’t so intense, we still communicate via facebook. Hope they all have a happy life! To Ira, Shally, Fatimah, Maya and Monique : I love you all!


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