Jan 26, 2015

8 Tips to a Successful Interview

Job interviews need not be a stressing affair if you prepare for them.Taking time to prepare and practice for an interview will give you an advantage over other candidates and improve your chances of getting the job you want.

1. Research on the company
There’s a lot of current news available on the internet about companies in all industry sectors. Research the company that you’ll be interviewing at. It’s important to be current. A demonstration of your knowledge of current industry trends will impress the interviewer and make them more inclined to hire you.

2. Pick a good time slot for your interview
The most optimal time for an interview is early morning when you are fresh in appearance and in mind. An afternoon interview can leave you with nerves all day and ruin your chances of landing that job.

3. Polish up on your opening statement
The most likely question that an interviewer will ask you is, “tell me about yourself”. Be personable when answering this question.
This question is your ice-breaker and the way you answer it will set the tone of the interview.

Show off your accomplishments. If applying for a managerial job, showing you have an MBA will make you look ready for the next step in your career.

      4.  Anticipate role-related questions and prepare for them
Study the job description. Download potential interview questions and practice answering them in the days preceding the interview. Practice aloud, recording each answer. Playback the recordings and repeat this process until you are sure that you can give detailed answers in a calm and controlled manner.

      5.  Stand out from the other candidates
The interviewer needs to remember you. Prepare a folder containing your documents and leave them with the interviewer for later reference. This will also demonstrate that you are neat and organized.

      6. Go back to school
Employers normally want to know what you’re doing to further your education. Depending on the position you are applying for, an MBA degree may be a requirement. This will make you more eligible for managerial roles.
If too much time has passed since your first degree, potential employers may not look favorably on your application.

7. Show you are a good problem solver
The interviewer will pose to you some problem scenarios and will want to hear how you go about resolving them.

Prepare beforehand by doing the following:
·         Think of a problem scenario you’ve encountered in your job
·         Write down the actions you took to remedy the problem
·         Show a direct resulting outcome of the actions you took
The interviewer will be listening to see if you are analytical and methodical as well as gauge your overall manner when faced with a problem.

8. Never interrupt the interviewer
Interrupting the interviewer gives a negative impression of you. It will irritate the interviewer and make you appear disrespectful.
You might answer all the interview questions satisfactorily but be disqualified based on interruptions.

About the Author
Dannie Lari is an accomplished education professional with extensive experience in the field of higher learning. She has for the last 10 years contributed to shaping individuals’ choices for MBA degree programs. Visit her website to learn how to have a successful interview.

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Jo January 27, 2015  

Hi Lina I like this post. Thanks for sharing. Greetings Jo (East Africa)

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