Jan 30, 2015

Ten Gorgeous Must Have Bengali Bridal Sarees for your Trousseau

Bengali marriages are all about tradition and brides bring their rich culture into the sarees they wear for this auspicious occasion. Most Bengali brides usually go for the standard red Banarasi silk sari for their nuptials; but there are ten unique sarees that are perfect and a must-have for your nuptial ceremonies.


1.   A Banarasi Silk Saree
A rust or red coloured Banarasi silk saree is the most popular choice for marriages. It has a gold border and is paired with traditional gold jewellery. The pallu is used to cover the head during nuptial rituals for it has most of the decoration.

2.   The Baluchari
The Baluchari saree got its name from a village on the banks of the Bhagirathi River. The pretty design is created by weavers with an independent pattern making it five yards in length. Brides adore the body that is covered with small butis and an intricate floral design along the edge.

3.   Rich Pashmina Silk
Right from what is deemed traditional enough for the Ashirbaad a Bengali bridal saree has to suit the ceremony it is picked out for. The traditional Pashmina silk is an excellent option to wear when you are meeting the groom’s family for the first time.

4.   Daccai Jamdani
Originating from Bangladesh, these are crafted by weavers using fine Egyptian cotton and woven by hand over a time period of many months. Bengali brides love these as they are supple to the touch and drape quite lightly.

5.   Traditional Korial Silk
These are known as lal paar and frequently are worn during pre-wedding rituals. They have a white sari-red border that is intense and solid offering a stately look. It is especially worn during Durga Puja as well, making it ideal for festive occasions.

6.   The Famous Garad
Even though a lot of people find it difficult to understand difference between Korail and Garad; the designs are actually quite different. Garad silk saree has some lovely floral patterns and is made of white, offering a beautiful bridal look while Korial is plain in its red and white simplicity.

7.   Tant Sarees
Made of Bengali cotton, these sarees are popular during pre-nuptial gatherings. They are pretty for they have bright colours and unique decorative borders making them ideal for a young bride.

8.   The Stunning Banaroshi Sari
These sarees make excellent bridal outfits that are inspired by royalty and offer you a lovely delicate grace for pre-nuptial ceremonies. You can choose between a beautiful red colour as well as green or opt for a yellow print.

9.   The Bangladeshi Saree
These fabrics originate from West Bengal where the climate is often hot and humid. It is exactly why these sarees are crafted from material that offers the ultimate comfort to the wearer making it ideal for lengthy wedding ceremonies.

10.          The Fabulous Super Net Saree
Even though the sarees worn by Bengali women are all colorful and vibrant; these are special ones stored away just for weddings. They are pure silk sarees worn by Bengali brides all over India.

Arm yourself with these fabulous sarees for your bridal trousseau and you’re sure to look gorgeous in stunning traditional designs for every ceremony!

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DeniseinVA January 30, 2015  

A very interesting post. The sari is a very beautiful style of clothing.

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