Jan 16, 2015

Sky Watch: New Housing Site

The road leads to a new housing location that still under construction. The hill,  dark sky, semi-finished road, and the machine’s trunk make more interesting combination to photograph. 

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DeniseinVA January 16, 2015  

Two very interesting photos. I like the hill. It would make a very nice view for someone in a new home.

Jo January 16, 2015  

Hi Lina, your thumbnail on the SkywatchFriday link caught my eye, especially as I could see a "machine" peeping out. I came to visit. What a great take on a sky image. I'm following you from today. Greetings from Jo (East Africa)

Leovi January 16, 2015  

Nice cloudy sky over the mountain! Have a lovely weekend !!

Anonymous January 16, 2015  

Nice location for a house.

Yogi♪♪♪ January 16, 2015  

Nice shots. I've never seen a backhoe arm painted blue.

Thomas Lee/Lee Lip Pang January 19, 2015  

It will be even more beautiful when the houses are ready.

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