Jan 28, 2015

Health and Safety Tips for Those Traveling to International Sporting Events

Venues of international sporting events are forever teeming with visitors, spectators and competitors from all across the globe. Many sports enthusiasts simply wait for the opportunity to attend these events and tournaments as these promise great fun, excitement and sometimes, even prove to be a lifetime experience. You are exposed to highest standards of each game and you get an opportunity to watch the top international stars in action. If you are planning on traveling to attend an international sporting event, you must not only arrange for your passport and visa but buy sporting event tickets well in advance. You must also follow few dictates in order to remain fit and healthy.

Know the Potential Risks

Many of you are unable to withstand the stress of traveling to another country and some of you are just not able to get adjusted to the climate or the food. You may develop some serious health issues that may spoil your fun. You must realize that thousands of global enthusiasts are gathered together on such occasions and whenever too many people are involved for any such events; there are increased chances of accidents, injuries and illnesses. International sports tourists should be well-equipped for their trip and must always keep in mind the destination and other countries or regions that they may have to visit en route to the sporting event destination or on way back home.

Things to Keep In Mind for Safety and Unadulterated Fun

When you are traveling to prestigious events such as World Cup tournaments (including rugby, football or cricket), Formula One Events, Olympic Games, Commonwealth Games and the like, you may follow the tips given below: 

Getting Ready Before the Travel: Remember it is best to consult your travel clinic or practice nurse and discuss your travel plans at least a month in advance to your departure. You may browse through the Internet to get health advice and other travel recommendations regarding the specific countries you are about to travel to. You must know precisely the location of the big event you are intending to attend.Book the accommodation and the tickets well in advance as tickets run out easily and these venues are always overcrowded with tourists during the international sporting events. So getting an accommodation of your choice is not only difficult, but next to impossible, if left to the last moment.

Safety Should Be Your Main Priority: Sports tourists should always be conscious of personal safety. It is advisable to be extra vigilant and to avoid over-crowded situations wherever possible. Keep in mind that crowds may surge all on a sudden and may cause injuries or in worst cases, even result in stampedes. The FCO (The Foreign and Commonwealth Office) sponsors “Know before You Go”, a travel safety campaign is something you must consider, before leaving for your destination as this equips you with safety advice and information on security issues.

Learn About the Weather: Find out about the weather at host country or those countries you would be passing through in transit. Extremes of temperature could pose a threat if you are not expecting it. Travelers to very hot destinations should carry sunglasses, hats, sun protection lotions etc. to protect themselves from the scorching rays of the sun. Drink plenty of water and fluids to avoid dehydration. People traveling to nations with very cold climate, should carry enough woolens and jackets to keep themselves sufficiently warm. Drink hot beverages from time to time.

Put on Your Best Behavior: You must acknowledge the cultural differences and respect them while you are in a sports event venue abroad. When you are in crowded situations, avoid unnecessary fights or cultural frictions as these can get out of hand. Avoid too much of alcohol while on a trip to any sporting event. Avoid risky sexual encounters. Use condoms as unprotected sex could lead to Aids and other sexually transmitted diseases. Avoid tattooing, body piercing and using injection drugs. These are high-risk activities perpetuating hepatitis C, hepatitis A and even HIV.

Avoid Illnesses: Health and hygiene should be your primary concern, while you are traveling to a sporting event as you do not want to fall sick and miss out on the fun .Deep vein thrombosis due to long haul flights, train trips, bus journeys, car travel could be avoided by following DVT prevention measures. Eat and drink with caution to avoid diarrhea. You may carry self-treatment medication with you. Avoid insect-borne diseases by applying repellents, sleeping in screened accommodations and wearing protective clothing. Last, but not the least, get a comprehensive travel insurance.

Author Bio: Jenny Richards is currently working as a tour operator. When she is not busy extolling the virtues of a new destination, she is blogging about the trips she organizes including interesting sight-seeing, great dining opportunities, and ways to organize sporting event tickets, etc.

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