Jan 15, 2015

Five Tips for a Woman to Make it through Africa with No Fears

The reality is, if you are smart and go to fun and touristy places, you should not have trouble in the country. However, if you are a woman, you should always steer clear of trouble and avoid common issues others face. While true, it’s not always easy as common sense only goes so far. With this in mind, here are five tips from Destinations Africa, the specialists at safari holidays for women traveling alone in Africa.

Consider a tour: Let’s face it, Africa is a different place, and you can’t just rent a car and do everything on your own. Fortunately, with wildlife safaris to Africa, you can take off for a fun place, all without fear or trepidation. Yes, without a guide on your side, you are going to deal with a host of issues. In the end, not only are wildlife safari holidays much safer, but you will have fun as you won’t deal with pesky people or other dangers people face while alone on a trip.

Don’t flaunt wealth: Sadly, a lot of Westerners will flaunt their wealth at the wrong time. Think about this for a minute. If you are wearing a very expensive watch or piece of jewelry, people will likely notice and some bad criminals may want to steal it. Not only that, if you flaunt your wealth, you may anger locals who live at poverty level. Instead, dress for comfort and leave the expensive items at home. Of course, if you have a camera, bring it and use it at the right time, but don’t show it off all over the place.

Dress conservatively: While you may want to wear nice clothes or a skirt, you should probably stick with conservative dress. Yes, when you are a gust in Africa, you don’t want to draw any unnecessary attention to yourself. This is true whether you take wildlife safaris to Africa or go on your own. Not only that, if you are dressed conservatively, you are going to be more comfortable and experience fewer issues while on the trip. Again, while it’s not fair, you will have an easier time if you keep it simple.

Befriend some other women: If you are in a large pack of women, you are unlikely to experience problems. Remember, whether you walk to the bathroom or go on a hike together, you will have an easier time as men are not going to harass a large group of women. Not only that, you will make a friend if you simply chat up others in your group.

Learn a bit of local customs: While in a foreign land, you should learn some of their customs. Not only will you impress a local person, but you will avoid minor conflicts if you simply learn a few rules. To get started, you should learn the basic structure of law in the country. At the same time, if the language is different from your own, learn a few words. Finally, if you learn the basic moral codes of society and stay out of the limelight, you should be fine.

When in Africa, a woman will have a great time on wildlife safari holidays. However, it’s wise to exercise caution by following these five safety tips for female solo traveler in Africa.

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