Jan 5, 2015

Perfect Wedding Envelopes

Are you in your wedding preparation? A wedding day is a very special event for each person; therefore you want to make it as one of the happiest and most memorable days of your life by thinking about every little detail thoroughly. Among the long wedding preparation list, choosing invitation to send out to your guests is very important since invitation is a great way of informing and preparing the invited guests for your wedding day ahead. The perfect wedding invitation card and envelope will impress the receiver and encourage their interest to attend the occasion.  

Black Envelope with Silver Bride and Groom

When it comes to preparing a wedding invitation, you should know that both card and envelope have equal importance. The envelope’s look will determine how good the first impression of most guests to your big day. To reduce any mistake from the beginning, finding the perfect envelopes should be done in the right place. Future brides and grooms can rely on the wonderful assortment of Printed Wedding Envelopes at WorldofEnvelopes.com. Visit the site and discover every wedding envelope design in their Printed Envelopes category.

Once you click the related category, you’ll see offered wedding envelopes in a range of colour combinations and wonderful designs. Each similar envelope design comes in five sizes, wallet format, and gummed seal. Flawlessly made from quality paper, each wedding envelope looks exclusive and stylish; it’s a great choice for your wedding invitation card’s complement! To give you an example, I share here one of their wedding envelope designs that I love.

Future brides and grooms who want to create unique and captivating invitation may interest to choose the unusual yet eye-catching shape of wedding envelope. If you are one of those, take a look at stunning colourful Pouchettes collection that presented by Simply-Envelopes.co.uk. Pouchettes -usually called as petal envelopes- get its common name as this envelope category features four round petals which cover around a card and interlock beautifully like the flower petals.


Simply Envelopes provides you with quality Pouchettes in 11 lovely colours to choose; each petal envelope comes in textured finish, square format, quality paper, and ungummed seal. Pouchettes are surely great alternative shape of standard envelopes as they wrap up your invitation in style. The receivers will be impressed with its modern and unique beauty, followed by the excitement to open and see the invitation inside.

Wel, it’s all up to you, girls. Whatever your choice, both wedding envelopes are ideal options for your special wedding day!

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