Jan 8, 2015

All in Good Taste: Finding the Best Wedding Caterer

Wedding planning can be a stressful time and choosing the caterer is an important decision. While the food is important, presentation of the food is also a part of the wedding that guests will remember. An excellent cater will combine a delicious menu with tasteful presentation. People who do not enjoy the food may be tempted to leave the wedding early, so it is important to be careful when selecting options for wedding catering.

Have a Consultation

You will definitely want to meet with your caterer on at least one occasion to determine what the caterer can provide for your event. Some catering services include setting up the food and cleaning up afterwards but others may not. Be sure to ask exactly what is included. Ask about any specialty items the caterer can offer for your big day. You may also want to see photographs of past events that the caterer has serviced so that you can see the presentation style the caterer uses.

Consider the Menu

It is vital to consider which type of menu your wedding is going to have. Keep in mind any allergies or special needs of your wedding party or your new husband’s family. For example, if your new mother-in-law is a vegetarian, you may want to be sure to include some menu items that she will be pleased with. If special needs are a concern, discuss this issue with the caterer and plan a menu that guests with these needs can enjoy. Many caterers have options to select a number of entree or appetizer selections so you may be able to choose a variety that suits everyone.

Sometimes a great idea is to explain your needs to the caterer and ask for a suggested menu. A professional with party catering experience should be able to let you know what type of menu will work best for your wedding’s location and time of day.

Clarify the Costs

Since wedding catering will be one of the main costs of the event, you will want to be sure you know ahead of time what you are paying for. It is better to be prepared ahead of the event rather than be surprised on your special day. For example, some party catering services will have additional fees for serving the wedding cake or pouring the champagne. Calling a catering service like this one and asking them upfront how much it’s going to cost is usually the best way to go.

The Taste Test

If the presentation and costs of services are comparable, then the decision may be determined primarily on which food tastes the best. Many services who provide wedding catering will provide samples of at least some of their menu selections. The taste of the food is what guests will remember the most. It is a great idea to sample as many menu items as you can.

Enjoy the Moment

Throughout all of your wedding planning, it is essential that you enjoy the experience. Ultimately you should choose a catering company that you can be confident in. Review the menu, meet the staff and sample the food. You are certain to find the caterer that will work best for your big day.

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