Jan 24, 2021

Practical baby gifts every new parent will appreciate

Baby sleeping in a basket
Although babies may not look like they are doing very much, parenting a newborn is certainly not easy, especially for a first-time parent. For this reason, the best baby gifts are, above all, practical – those that make the little ones happy and the parents just a bit less sleep-deprived. Therefore, if you've got a baby shower coming up and you are clueless about what you should buy, we are whittling down a list of practical baby gifts for you that every new parent will appreciate.

Hands-free parenting
Certainly, mommy work doesn't end with entertaining, feeding, and lulling her baby to sleep. Many things are not baby-related, such as making meals, folding laundry, shopping for her family, working from home, or simply pouring a glass of water. Baby carriers help parents navigate their daily chores and multitask while still keeping their infant close and cozy at all times. Secondly, baby experts say that babywearing can help the baby's health and mood.

There are many baby carrier types, but thousands of parents reviewed a wrap carrier as the most comfortable option. Also, if you choose to buy a baby carrier as a gift, make sure it is made of a proper fabric that is comfortable and healthy for the baby, for instance, a stretchy blend of spandex and cotton.

A baby bottle sterilizer
Just like the name suggests, this device ensures that the bottles one gives to their baby are properly sterilized to avoid unnecessary bacterial infections. The best ones kill roughly 99,9% of bacteria in only a few minutes. If the new parent you are so carefully picking a gift for is not breastfeeding their baby, this device will certainly give them some peace of mind because they will know that the food their baby is ingesting is germ-free.

UV sanitizer
Keeping the germs at bay is made easier with modern-day technology devices. Although we don't think twice about washing our face and hands, spraying disinfectants on high-touch surfaces, etc., all these measures can be easily reversed simply by grabbing our keys, phones, baby toys, and all those other daily essentials that tend to be hot spots for germs. UV lights in a home sanitizer can easily and quickly disinfect all of those small items, bottles included.

Treat the mom
Most new moms get so wrapped up taking care of their tiny bundles of joy and completely forget to take care of themselves. As much as a spa day with a massage and full facial should seem like utter perfection, snagging some time away may be a problem. Still, there’s always a way around that. Bring the spa day or a yoga session to their home by getting them a body care kit, a gift basket filled with bath bombs and body scrubs, or a simple quality mat to do their yoga at home. Even a pair of silk satin pajamas can do wonders, as it will help her feel a bit more glamorous again.
A gift basket for body skincare
Gifts don't always have to be baby-related. It's not an urban myth: if mommy's happy, everyone's happy.

White noise and sound machines
First things first, getting your tiny human to nod off is not an easy task in itself. But once you manage to get them to fall asleep, the last thing you need are loud neighboring dog barks, urban traffic’s honking and sirens, or ringing phones to wake them up and get you right back where you first started. If the new parent doesn’t plan to make the baby’s nursery completely soundproof, these baby sound machines can be real lifesavers. These are designed to drown out all those sudden and startling noises and keep a fussy baby sleeping peacefully.

There are also so-called “Baby Shushers”, machines that use real human voices for soothing the little ones to sleep. These devices are perfect for time-strap parents that need as much precious downtime they can get.

Electric nail trimmer
A significant percentage of parents characterize nail trimming as one of the trickiest and most intimidating parenting tasks. Tiny toes and fingers, wiggling babies – sometimes this task seems next to impossible. In cases such as these, new parents are so thankful to product designers for making their life more comfortable. Electric baby nail trimmer kits come with various cushioned sandpapers and soft attachment pads that make your baby's mani-pedis tear and stress-free.

Nursery organizer and baby diaper caddy
The nursery organizer and baby diaper caddy are the next on our list of practical baby gifts because every new parent will appreciate a helping hand when the diaper time comes. These units, which can be attached to a changing station or a crib, help keep all of the baby's essentials, such as diapers, wipes, creams, powder, and wipes, close at mom's and dad's reach.

Comfy baby clothing
Next, onesies are a classic and a go-to gift for babies and newborns. In the starting days, there isn’t a piece of clothing that gets more use than onesies. There are so many options when it comes to style, design, colors, and sayings. And, these not only look adorable on babies but are also machine washable.
A baby in a white onesie
Baby onesies are a must-have, and therefore a gift you cannot go wrong with.

Baby food maker is one of the practical baby gifts
Baby food makers are the perfect gift for new moms and dads. These little machines can cook, steam, and puree fruit, vegetable, and meat in one easy step, producing meals suitable for babies. Using its various functions, you will be able to easily prepare healthy, nutritious, as well as tasty foods that are so much more affordable than shop-bought baby food.

Matching looks
Companies today are rolling out wide selections of ridiculously adorable mom and baby matching outfits. These include dresses, skirts, pants, and even shoes. So, when in doubt, twinning outfits for mom and the little one may be that perfect choice for not only fun but also a practical gift that new parents are bound to enjoy.

Baby nursery décor
Help create a perfect nursery space for the newborn. Add to the calming but fun atmosphere with a minimalist-inspired, gender-neutral mobile in the shape of a cloud hanging from the ceiling. Better yet, consider personalized baby gifts such as a baby calendar with the cutest images of the little one, or a customized growth chart with engraved markings and baby's name, or a fun saying. The options for practical baby gifts indeed are numerous, but every new parent will appreciate the customized one.

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