Oct 24, 2013

Tmart Professional Makeup Brush Set General Review

Many women desire to look and feel good; there’s no doubt about it, right? In this case, applying appropriate makeup can help every woman to keep their beautiful looks. To reach the best for the makeup application on your face, you need useful and good quality makeup brushes. Tmart offers a wide variety of Makeup Brush Set and happily, they sent one set: 22PCS Professional Cosmetic Makeup Brush Set Pink for me to try and share my opinion about the product here.
I’m not a makeup expert, so I’m not able to convey further evaluation that requires related expertise. Before seeing any brush inside, the thing that made me impressive for the first time was the beautiful pink carrying bag. The case was nice and comfy to grab by my hand; it’s compact and light enough to carry wherever you go and need the makeup brush set. Besides taking all 22 pieces in practical and stylish way, the carrying bag can also protect the brush from being exposed to dust.  
Beauty experts stated that good makeup brushes should be soft and also strong. Tmart makeup brush has very soft bristles; I’ve tried to rub both fan brushes against my face. I enjoyed their softness on my face skin. Those makeup brushes also passed the durability test or simply the tug test; when I pulled lightly on two powder brushes, there’s no any fiber falling out. That’s a good sign!   

I also noticed that a Tmart makeup brush contains firmly packed soft fibers that allowing you to apply makeup evenly and effectively. Every handle made from solid wood as well easy to hold and use. Furthermore, the tight ferrule on its wooden pole will prevent the brush from splitting easily. So, based on a few characters mentioned previously, I can state that Tmart makeup brush has good quality! Don’t forget to keep the brush clean and oil-free; you can use a mild cleanser like baby shampoo to wash them regularly. By spending only $13.30, you can obtain benefits from the whole 22 pieces makeup brush set. This product really offers good value of money, right?    

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