Oct 23, 2013

10 Points to Noticed Before Hiring Professional Caterers

Being an event manager we should keep in mind that celebration is the matter of joy. In the line of arrangement food and decoration is the most imperative thing in a celebration. We keep guest welcome in the top most priority of our arrangement. The guest always looks for food and welcome provided to them. For the best food and welcome we require a best food supplier and service provider. Hiring a best caterer is not an easy task. It requires a lot of exercises to be completed before final action. There are many steps involve to consider before hiring a professional few are listed below..

1. Date and Venue- We should always keep in mind the Date, time, season and place for the event, as this is very much important to confirm the availability of the caterer for due date and place where the services will be provided.
2. Total head count- Before making the budget for food supplier make sure the approximately list of guest by confirming who are not going to attend and in total add 10-15 % additional.
3. Preparing a menu list- always remember the menu list is to be made wisely as the budget is depends on your selection of menu, must include a special dish of caterer.
4. Additional services- What all are other services being provided by the caterer like Bar tendering, Lighting, Music, Dance floor, photography etc.
5. Charges and mode of payment- It is important to know the price per plate and charges for additional service, is there any hidden cost, when and how the payment is to be done.
6. Market reputation and experience- Always check the experience of service provider and reputation in the market by word of mouth of friend and market survey.
7. Tasting of food and references- Do not select the caterer at the first step, always do the market survey and verify the references along with food tasting and note down which one tasty for easy selection as it is one of point to keep in mind.
8. Legal contracts and certificate- Always check whether there is any legal contract between customer and service provider and check the certificate of food preparation and quality rating.
9.  Responsibility for cleaning- Keep in mind to discuss with caterer as who will clean the venue and garbage thrown by guest.
10. Settlement of leftover food- Remember to discuss about the disposal of leftover food and beverage.

Now I think the above points are enough to solve your problem as you understand the points to know before hiring a caterer, to make any event a grand success by selecting a professional caterer always refer to Party catering Sydney. Do not empty your bank deposits but at the same time do not compromise with quality either.

Author Bio: Nicole Friskman is a leading name in catering and food services. She provides best quality within affordable range and with a diverse variety. She delivers the services on all occasions.

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Staff Administrator October 23, 2013  

10 point penjelasan yang tentunya bermanfaat dan berguna buatyg kebetulan sedang mencari info ini :)

Gimana mbak Lin..dengan blog nya kemarin..apa udah normal lagi.. Sekarang :)

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