Oct 11, 2013

Quality Leather Luggage for Travelers

For centuries, leather has maintained a reputation as one of the most popular materials for luggage. Although the first suitcases were probably fashioned from wool or linen, as leather became more readily available, it quickly surpassed the other materials because of its durability. Before the invention of modern transportation, travel generally took days, weeks, or even months. Luggage had to stand up to the demands of rocking ship cabins, jostling steam trains, and bouncing wagons. For this reason, leather was a sought-after material for travelers, and those who were well off typically utilized leather suitcases and carryalls of numerous types.
leather duffel bags

Leather may have become the luggage preference of the wealthy based on necessity, but it soon became a fashion trend. In 1854, leather travel icon Louis Vuitton founded his company. In 1910, Samsonite was born. Soon, the luggage industry began capturing customers not just because of practicality but also because of style.

Today, leather luggage is still one of the most popular practical fashion trends, though there are now more types of luggage available. Individuals may choose from suitcases, garment bags, and leather duffel bags to assemble a luggage collection that meets their traveling needs. For example, a traveler may choose the Cavalier II No.97 Chestnut Leather Duffel Bag from Ghurka and a leather, weatherproof garment bag for a fast business trip to a neighboring city. Leather has always been a popular choice for luggage because of its durability and style. Today, travelers have more leather choices than ever before.

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