Oct 11, 2013

Sky Watch: Funny Clouds and Sunset Moment

Funny shapes of the clouds during sunset

Captured from a moving car while on the way back from a relative's home.

8 komentar:

Photo Cache October 11, 2013  

beautiful drive by shot.

Nature in the Burbs October 11, 2013  

I love to look for shapes in the clouds. Pretty scenes.

Anonymous October 11, 2013  

That cloud is like a big teddy bear!

Hannah October 11, 2013  

The backlit silvery lining of the clouds accentuates the illusion of a gigantic figure marching across the sky!

Kim, USA October 11, 2013  

The clouds looks like a huge baby robot walking ^_^ Great shot!

Thanks for the visit! Happy SWF!!

Laura October 12, 2013  

Looks like a teddy bear or maybe the stay puff marshmallow man:-)

Al October 12, 2013  

That is a great cloud formation - nice shots.

Thomas Lee/Lee Lip Pang October 12, 2013  

nice capture,looks like you're holding your camera most of the time.

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