Oct 10, 2013

Curb Appeal – Get Woman’s Approval, and the Rest is History

After potential buyers find your home online and are ready to make the first drive-by to see what your property is all about, the first thing they encounter (besides the For Sale sign!) is the front of your house. Now I’m not a rocket scientist by any stretch of the imagination, but this tells me that your curb appeal better have some zing to it.

And when push comes to shove, if the female of the house doesn’t like the curb appeal, then chances are the husband has no chance on buying (little truth to every joke!). The curb appeal needs to attract the eyes and feel of a female – flowers, shrubs, cleanliness – it all plays to a woman’s emotions. So when you are preparing your home to sell, make sure the husband and wife can picture themselves on your front deck having a nice summer evening relaxing to the sunset while having a drink.

None of us want to lose money on what we invested in, so make sure that your curb appeal gives the potential buyer a reason to come back and take a strong look inside.

Here are a few tips that will help your curb appeal so that your house is sold in no time:

Clean Up The Clutter
First and foremost, you need to make sure that you clean up all of the clutter in your front yard. If you have a shed in the backyard, utilize it. Clean up all of your kids toys. Don’t leave any tools, rakes or shovels laying around. Make sure to rake or bag the grass when you cut it. There shouldn’t be any car parts in the yard and if you have a boat, put it in a storage area until you sell the home. The last thing you want a potential buyer to assume is that you don’t have the necessary storage space and that if your outside is messy, what is the inside going to look like?

Make the Front Door Appealing
Your front door needs to be painted so that there are no scratches or anything when people drive by. You don’t want the front door to be an eye sore, you want it to make everyone feel welcome. Many times the front door looks beat up since it is typically used the most, so freshen it up and feel free to even change the welcome mat out front as well. Painting the door and getting new door mats are both inexpensive, so make sure that your house doesn’t look cheap before the buyers even enter your home.

Stain the Front Deck and Fences
This may take some time, but you should stain the front porch and also the fences that surround your front yard. Even if it is painting the fences, it needs to be done. When buyers drive by to see your home, you need the curb appeal to shine and if they see worn-down porches and fences, they will continue on to the next house. Put in some elbow grease and make this a necessity when selling your home. This will make not only your decks and fences look new; it will highlight your entire house and make it even more enticing.

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