Oct 8, 2013

Red Faced Puppet

I saw a cultural performance of local artists at the Kencana Park (Bogor, West Java, Indonesia) last Sunday morning. The puppets and the funny man beside were becoming the host of the event. 

The red puppet is usually called Cepot. Here’s a bit of information about him (based on Wikipedia): Cepot is one of the wayang golek characters in Sundanese puppetry. Cepot is as rural character from the fictional village Tumaritis, there he lived with his father Semar and two of his brothers, Petruk and Dawala. Cepot is humorous and easy going, everything Cepot says tends to be funny, and Cepot's act is full of slapstick jokes. 


5 komentar:

Leovi October 08, 2013  

Nice picture, charming puppets!

Andrea October 08, 2013  

Haha for that one. We watched the Ramayana Ballet at Prambanan and it was really fabulous, and the costumes are really fantastic. I really love to come back also for the awesome sunset photos of Prambanan Candi.

Hazel October 08, 2013  

The yellow puppet looks demure.


Anonymous October 08, 2013  

Would love to see a play! :)

Anonymous October 09, 2013  

Puppets and puppeteers are so much fun! :)

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