Oct 17, 2013

7 Fashion Tips for Women on How to Wear All White

Most people believe that after Labor Day is over wearing white should be forbidden. However, if you want to be a bold fashionista you can pull off stylish head to toe white outfits with no problem. If you wish to incorporate some white in your wardrobe no matter what time of year it is check out these 7 tips.

Go With a Monotone Look
There is no doubt that it can be a little tricky to pull off all white. However, if you add some texture it'll keep your all white outfit interesting. As an example, you can add some glitz and glam to your white sweater by adding a little sparkle to your wardrobe.

Wear a Scarf
Wearing a nice white scarf with your outfit is always a good idea no matter what you're wearing. Look for white scarves that have metallic embellishments or embroidery on it.

Wear a Cardigan
Any woman can enhance their style by wearing a nice white cardigan sweater. If you don't have a white cardigan sweater a clean white jean jacket or a fitted white wool coat will do. Wear a neutral skirt or a pair of denims with it.

Wear a Pair of Jeans
Most people would recommend to never wear white jeans when Labor Day has passed. However, wearing a nice navy blazer over the top of your fitted white jeans will help keep all eyes on you in a good way.

Wear Boots
Wearing white boots with your outfit will add a nice contrast to a pair of dark pants. Try wearing a pair of crisp white boots or booties with a pair of dark pants and a lighter shirt with coordinated accessories.

Wear Silk
Most people tend to stay away from white shirts because they're very bold. However, if you pair your bold white shirt with the texture and sheen of silk or satin it'll complement each other perfectly. Wear a pair of dark jeans with a white satin or silk shirt with some nice jewelry and shoes to complete the look.

Wear a Beret
If you want to add just a little white to your wardrobe then wearing a white or cream colored beret will do the trick. This piece of head gear will pretty much work well with any outfit you wear year round.

Never think wearing white is a bad thing. There are a number of different shades from pure bright white to ivory and creamy natural winter white that can give you a stylish look you'll love. All you have to do is make sure you don't overdo it and wear more substantial fabrics.

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