Oct 5, 2013

Flower Buds to Cook

Honje buds

This morning I cooked these flower buds. The botanical name is Etlingera elatior. I call it honje or kecombrang flower; you probably know the flower as Torch Ginger, Ginger Flower, Red Ginger Lily, Torch Lily, Wild Ginger or other names.

I only use the soft petals of flowers to make the dish. Have you ever tried this flower or another kind of flower as one ingredient of your dish? 
The petals
 I share its pretty bud and petals for Today's Flowers

5 komentar:

Anonymous October 06, 2013  

i love flowers on my plate, but I have never tried these. They look delicious!

Arija October 06, 2013  

I have not seen this before, it is so pretty and would be a lovely edition to any dish.

Sara Chapman in Seattle USA October 07, 2013  

This is completely new to me. It kind of reminds me of how an onion looks when you slice it in half, but prettier. What does it taste like? Mild or spicy?

you-wee because October 07, 2013  

I haven't seen this type of ginger (petal) somewhere in German kitchens, but of course we use flowers as daisies, Indian cress, borage / starflower and many others to flavour our meals or as ingredience in salads.
Regards from Germany,

Kangmush October 07, 2013  

Salam sukses selalu

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