Oct 29, 2013

Red Soldier Statue

This red soldier isn't a real statue but a human statue. He's in the same pose for at least fifteen minutes. There are some human statues -in different colors- at the Merdeka Square, Jakarta, Indonesia.  

Their presence is to entertain visitors; you can be taken pictures with any human statue by only paying a little money.
Still posing while enjoying the shade during the hot shiny day :) 

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Gemma Wiseman October 29, 2013  

These human statues are remarkable for their patience and ability to stand still for so long. I have never seen one dressed as a red soldier. Impressive.

Anonymous October 29, 2013  

How interesting! I know I wouldn't be able to stand still that long.

Magical Mystical Teacher October 30, 2013  

If it was a hot day, then I'm sure he was sweating in that red uniform!

Red Cactus Close-up

Anonymous October 30, 2013  

I am amazed whenever I see a Human Statue -- concentration at one of its best!! :)

Chrissy Brand October 30, 2013  

Clever, I do like his boots!

Leovi October 30, 2013  

Beautiful red soldier, fun!

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