May 18, 2020

Your List of Top Dress Shirt Colours – and Where and How to Use Them for Your Suit

Dress shirts are a necessity when you are wearing a suit, and everyone obviously knows this. But while you can take your pick from a seemingly endless array of colours and patterns and even materials for your dress shirt, it doesn’t mean that you should go crazy and just choose whatever colour or pattern or material you fancy. There is such a thing as a classic look, but if you want to showcase more of your personality with your suit, there are options for this as well. But keep in mind that your dress shirt will often be the first element that people will notice as they see you, more than your suit’s fabric and texture. And the colour of your dress shirt should complement the colour of your suit as well. So what colours should you choose for your dress shirts when pairing them with a suit? This will depend on the occasion, the function of the suit, your preferred style, and other factors. Here, then, is your list of top dress shirt colours – and where and how to use them for your suit.


White is a classic and elegant colour, and rightly so. Most – if not all – men will have white as a predominant colour for their dress shirts, and this will always be a good choice, especially for business settings. The great aspect about white is that it essentially goes with every suit colour, and it is universally accepted. But when you are choosing a white dress shirt, take note of the fabric's quality as well as the cut, because these two aspects can make a difference. If you are attending a high-profile evening affair or having cocktails at a conference, white is a premium option.

Light blue

Light blue is next only to white when it comes to dress shirt colours, and there are many good reasons for this. The colour is also a classic, and it has a more relaxed and casual appeal compared to white, which can appear a bit too formal in some settings. But again, when choosing light blue dress shirts, take a close look at the weaving of the cloth, as it can affect the precise shade and how it appears.


It may surprise some men to see yellow on the list, but it’s a colour that has become widely accepted in terms of dress shirts as well. It is an attractive colour which can offer you a good alternative to a standard white shirt, and yellow also goes well with blue, so you’d look brilliant pairing it with a navy jacket or suit, as confirmed by well-known and experienced suit specialists like

Light grey

A light grey is also quite a popular option for dress shirts, especially for those who want something more muted and sombre. Light grey is a restrained colour, however, so think carefully about wearing a light grey dress shirt if you are wearing a bright-coloured tie or pocket square.


Light pink has always been popular, and European men have been showcasing their personal style in pink dress shirts for decades. But it is only now becoming more popular with younger men, and if you're interested in pink, make sure to stick to lighter and paler shades unless you really want to get noticed with a hot pink dress shirt.

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