Jul 7, 2016

How to Find the Perfect Classic White Shirts for Summer

White shirts are the perfect ensembles for summertime. White shirts are available in various patterns which could make your selection theory a little difficult. Classic white shirt is a must have for every woman. Summers are incomplete without white crisp shirts. Here are the following cues which will lead you to your perfect white shirt match.


The pattern defines the ultimate look of the shirt. Addition of flare to a plain white shirt gives it an edgy chic look which serves as both formal & party wear depending on how you style it up. The classic white shirt varies according to the amount of flare added to a particular silhouette. Fit of the shirt depends on the pattern. From slim fit to boxy fit, there are all kinds of options based on pattern. For office wear, opt for the formal patterns while for party wear, go for the stylish blouse style ones.


This is a crucial detail in the shirt pattern on which the overall look of a shirt depends. Wide collars are not preferred by many women. While selecting your white shirt, take care of the collar structure. The classic collar is a safe choice but if you are experimental, opt for a collarless one or a high collar neckline.Ruffles around the neckline can turn a plain white shirt into trendy party wear. Choose your neckline wisely.


Fabric is an important ingredient when it comes to shirts. Generally, cotton is the best preferred material but considering the current trends, sheer fabric has conquered over the fashion arena. If you are trying to add a variety to your wardrobe, add a chiffon or georgette white shirt this summer.

Surface ornamentations

Surface ornamentations like lace panelling at the front or metal studs embedded on the shirt’s surface are few of the styles you can try out. Over all printed white shirts with cute motifs are fabulous options for daily outings. Few white shirts also have printed detailing at the collars or pockets for that edgy look.

Sleeves & cuffs

Sleeves can make or break a white shirt. Flared or puffed sleeves, short cap sleeves or long sleeves; a shirt pattern changes in a moment with the sleeve variations. While few prefer normal cuffs, few love cuff less shirts. Wider cuffs add a whole new dimension to the plain white shirts. Depending on the occasion, you can select the sleeve patterns. For a formal meeting, basic simple or cap sleeves are preferred while for a casual party, flared sleeved ones win the maximum admiration.


Scoop back or metallic buttons; colourful plackets or prominent pockets are the few features which are vital while choosing your white shirt. Classic white shirts can only be twisted with a hint of closed placket or different pocket designs. Printed or studded collars, wide cuffs, pocket variations are some of the factors to keep in mind while choosing your ultimate white shirt for summers. Ruffles at cuffs is another interesting trend to sport.

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