Jul 14, 2016

Wedding Photographers in Bangalore You Would Prefer

Weddings in India are usually grand affairs. The colorful outfits, sumptuous food, groovy songs and dances – all topped with a plethora of emotions, are identical with a typical big fat wedding that everyone wants to remember forever, especially the newlyweds. Hence, the importance of wedding photography is a certainty. There are many talented wedding photographers in Bangalore who can ably capture the true essence of the marriage ceremonies that happen in this melting pot of diverse cultures. We have listed here some of them, in no particular order, who can create masterpieces with their lenses.

Chromasutra Photography: The candid photographers of Chromasutra do not believe in being intrusive while capturing people and their emotions. Being in the business for over two years, the photographers here are confident to up their game with each new project they take. They fulfill customized requirements and specialize in couple portraits and candid couple shots.

Ajay Menon Photography: Ajay and his wife Rya call themselves photo-artists since their creations are not merely photos, but beautiful pieces of art. They had quit their cushy IT-MNC jobs to pursue their passion. This two-member team enjoys people photography and never fails to capture the right moments, expressions and rituals.

MKB Candid Photography: These veterans have been in the industry for 12 years now and are masters in both classic and candid wedding photography. They also offer various products and services including short films, promos, CD/DVD, posters, enlargements, photobooks etc. They use Canon 5DMark III and Sony PMW200 to capture amazing photos and videos.

Shutterspeed: This four-year-old studio is equipped with all professional grade cameras and lenses to give you uncompromised quality. Willing to travel extensively on assignments, the photographers here master in concept, theme and destination wedding. The coffee table books, offered by them, are truly worth a mentioning.

Arun Joe Photography: This studio is in the business since two years now and is equally proficient in supplying high-quality products and services like photobook, coffee table book, lamination, and short films. The photographers here use Canon 6D camera with lenses like Canon 24mm 1.4L and Canon 50mm 1.8. The studio is located in K R Puram Extension, Bangalore.

Ankit Poddar Photography: Photography for Ankit is not only a hobby but also his passion and dream. This IT consultant flexes his creative muscles through his lenses whenever he gets an opportunity. He enjoys creating visual treats and is keen to explore the world of photography more in the coming years. He also offers products and services related to photography as per his clients’ requirements.

The above is a small list of candid wedding photographers in Bangalore who can create magic with their lenses. However, if you need more options and would like to explore the world of wedding photography more, please visit Canvera

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