Jul 11, 2016


Thinking about keratin treatment? Find out everything you need to know in this helpful guide!
1. What this is
Keratin treatment is the way of achieving perfectly straight hair by using chemicals. According to experts at NYC Hair Salon, keratin treatment has become extremely popular all over the world. Although it makes your hair look fabulous, keratin has some disadvantages.

2. The process itself
Everything is pretty simple: your hairstylist applies keratin to your hair and avoids touching the scalp. Then she/he confirms the result by using heated tools – blow dryer and flat iron. Basically, you can do keratin treatment by yourself at home for less money, but professionals are more experienced, so you choose between quality and price.
3. Price and duration
Everything depends on the length and thickness of your hair, but the prices range from $300 to $800. Hairstylists at NYC Hair Salon claim that the effect lasts for two months minimum. You can make it last longer by using special shampoo, which contains no sulfates.

4. Should you do it
Keratin treatment works even on extremely curly hair and solves the problem of frizz very effectively. Don’t worry if you have colored hair – you’re still eligible for this procedure. Nevertheless, you should refuse from this idea if your hair is severely damaged. Wait until your locks become healthy and strong again!

5. Question of safety
There are many debates around the question of keratin treatment’s safety. Some women repeat keratin treatments 3-4 times a year and report their hair becoming even stronger. The main danger is the person, who is doing the treatment, that’s why you should look for an experienced professional.

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