Jul 18, 2016

This Eid Revives the Tradition of Sending Greetings

Eid has been a very festive occasion for every Muslim and like all other Muslim countries, people of Pakistan also has customs to celebrate this Islamic event with pleasure. We celebrate Eid with families, friends, and relatives by visiting their places, going on vacation to some tourist destination and also to send heartiest greetings to our loved ones. Earlier, the tradition of exchanging gifts was very common and people used to purchase special gifts for family and friends to send on Eid. 
With the passage of time, the trends changed as new concepts of sending wishes emerged with advancement in technology. People now usually greet each other over a phone call or send text messages, send electronic cards or simply wish on social media sites. Although technology has reduced distances in the form of communication but it has also taken away the charm of greetings on special occasions.

The traditional methods of sending your best wishes with a greeting card, or sending flowers to Pakistan to your lovely family have faded away due to this virtual invasion. Now people have less time to give a thought to such lovely tradition and they consider it convenient to wish someone online instead of going out of the way with buying gifts or flowers. Ultimately the custom is dying and is taking away the beautiful moments of sharing bonds which cannot be created through any online alternative of sending greetings.

Since Eid is a very traditional festival and it is the best time of the year when you can make up to your relatives hence, you can utilize this opportunity to send them lovely gifts and flowers in the old style. Why not revive this tradition of exchanging love, happiness and laughter with our unique simple traditions of Eid celebrations?

One advantage technology and internet has posed in this regard is the ease of sending gifts online. One can simply buy feasible items online within their specific budget to greet “Eid Mubarak” to family members, friends and relatives. You can buy greeting cards, flower bouquet, cakes, and other such amazing Eid gifts to send to your loved ones. The comfort of sitting at home and buying the spectacular variety of gifts online has made it easier for us to revive this beautiful tradition of sending Eid gifts.

There have been various e-commerce developments that are shaping the gifts industry across the globe. Now sending a gift on special occasions like Eid is not a difficult job. It doesn’t matter which far country you are living and how much eager you are to send gifts to your family back home. These online gift shops have made it possible to send gifts from anywhere to any country in the world. The costs are quite affordable due to market competition and rise in the demand for gifts.

Now the tradition of sending gifts and flowers on Eid can be revitalized with advanced and modern ways of making delivery to Pakistan and feel the joy of sharing happiness with your loved ones on this auspicious occasion in a traditional style.

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