Jul 11, 2016

How to Fix MSVCP100.dll is Missing on Windows

There are numerous reasons for the Msvcp100.dll error and here's how you can deal with it.

1.       Initially you will have to download and run the Microsoft Visual C 2010 SP 1 . This will substitute the msvcp100.dll data file.
You'll have several options to now download this particular update.
2.       You can install any available Microsoft windows updates. Even though the separate installation in the previous part should solve this, it is possible that a service pack or fix added by Windows Update can also upgrade or upgrade the msvcp100.dll computer file that is inducing the issues.
3.       Examine whether the msvcp100.dll is inside the Recycle Bin and bring it back. Generally speaking the msvcp100.dll is removed mistakenly. The problem happens when the dll data file isn't in its directory so software applications can't use it.
4.       Do a virus/malware scan of the complete system. It is possible that dll file was basically infected and therefore became unusable.
5.       Use System Restore method to reverse the latest system modifications. That solution will probably fix the trouble.
6.       You can also make an attempt to re-install the computer program that is connected with this issue. Reinstalling the computer program is a possible fix when the trouble develops when you start it.
7.       Additionally you can attempt to fix your own Windows installation. In the event the individual msvcp100.dll computer file troubleshooting suggestions mentioned above isn't turning out to be helpful when you are eliminating the DLL errors, performing a start-up fix or mend installation should bring back all Windows DLL file types to the functioning versions.
8.       Test your RAM memory and next test out your hard disk. Your own computer's RAM memory and HDD are super easy to test for health issues, and so they could just be associated with the msvcp100.dll issues.
9.       Yet another good suggestion is to apply a 100 % free registry cleaner to repair some pc registry problems in connection with the msvcp100.dll file. Most likely the problem has occurred because of broken msvcp100.dll entries in the pc registry after you have deleted an actual software.
10.     Most likely the very last option we could propose would be to conduct a completely clean installation of Windows which will undoubtedly erase your HDD and definitely solve your msvcp100.dll problems. If none of the steps in this article correct the msvcp100.dll issue, this should actually be your plan of action.
11.     Diagnose a computer hardware issue in case the software guidelines from above still haven't resolved the msvcp100.dll errors. Once you carry out a fresh Windows installation, and the problem continues, you can be sure that this difficulty is the consequence of hardware.

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