Jul 3, 2016

Why Investing In SEO Is a Good Idea In 2016

Some cynics feel that SEO is dead. They often argue that your SEO investment would go to a total waste if you do not get the relevant traffic to your website and if there are no concrete conversions into sales or leads. Moreover, they feel that attracting traffic to a badly optimized website could prove to be a pretty expensive affair over time. But the fact is that SEO is alive and kicking and definitely far from being dead. SEO may have changed dramatically and people may actually have to regard it as much more than merely a marketing strategy and consider SEO as more dominantly a branding play. In reality, several firms are involved in renewed commitments and fresh investments in SEO. They are dedicated toward the development of a robust SEO-optimized and search engine-friendly web infrastructure. Here are some very good reasons to invest in SEO.

It Is Still Very Much Effective

It still works. The techniques that have been used for improving SEO really work. Though data relating to Google’s organic traffic has been pulled recently, you must appreciate that the techniques still remain sound. Numerous SEO case studies can surely verify this fact. As long as the focus is on optimal user experience when you are executing methodic SEO strategies, higher positioning, as well as, organic traffic would be your reward.

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Healthy Content Profile Is the Key

If you do not have a really healthy content profile it could ultimately be damaging. With practically every search algorithm update, Google and all other search engines are changing the way they look at and regard websites. Things that were non-existent just some years back like social media indicators are considered vital from the point of view of rankings.  If you do not build a really healthy and robust content profile extending over months and years, it could be potentially bad for your business since it is one of the aspects evaluated by Google while examining your site. Quality editorials, killer products, well-researched white papers, timely blog posts, informative videos and compelling case studies would often be generating the type of engagement you desire.

You must simply remember to stay clear of bad SEO techniques. You need to remember that as search engines paced up algorithm optimization, they ended up increasing penalties for any attempts at manipulating them. The more you go about attempting to use all those types of tactics such as posting poor quality content for link building, the more you would be pushed into the penalized, marginalized minority. Those obsolete tactics would be crushing your site traffic. They would ultimately be damaging your company brand. Keep this in mind while chalking out strategies for online Internet marketing.

Search Engines Capturing More Market Share

Statistics reveal that around 80 to 90 percent customers examine online reviews before making any purchase and this figure is actually expected to grow. It is expected that very soon virtually everyone would be searching for services and products online. Wouldn’t you want them to locate and identify your business? Without organic SEO, it would be difficult for your potential customers to locate you. They might find your competitors first.

Your Competitors Are At It

You need to remember that SEO is a continuous process, it is certainly never ending. If you do not take a positive step forward and improve your position, you may lose out to a competitor. This is the hard reality of the SEO world. Do not allow your competitor to out maneuver you. Do not ignore SEO as this is still the most valuable tool for boosting business.

Rise of Local Search Optimization & Mobile Bandwidth

By the end of this year, the total amount of traffic coming to mobile devices is forecasted to be exceeding much more than conventional desktop devices. With this radical mobile usage explosion, a wonderful new world of SEO techniques has come up for firms.

Your business certainly requires an SEO strategy if you are at all interested in being successful. As far as online marketing is concerned SEO still remains the single most vital component of any company’s branding endeavors and online presence.

Author Bio: Simon Belford is a blogger and an SEO specialist attached to a private consultancy firm. He has written several articles and features on SEO tips and tricks and of late has been working on a dental SEO company.

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