Jul 5, 2016

Setting up a Wireless Router

Setting up a Wi-Fi router isn't so complicated. It is quite easy to use the Wi-Fi connection in case your Computer had a Wi-Fi network card. To setup the Wi-Fi router the right way, what you need to do would be to adhere to the consumer guide. The actual guidebook is available on a Compact disc or it is usually printed. You'll be able to get the application via the internet on top of that. 

Hardware specifications 

The next component is crucial before you begin setting up the router. The components consist of right router, Wi-Fi network card, some type of computer with networking card plus a Ethernet cable. 

Choosing the proper wireless router 

In case you take into consideration how the modern technology evolves, you pretty much need to have a wireless router which can be used for the next 5 years. If you are going to use it with a Personal computer, the router’s compatibility with your OS needs to be confirmed. 

Several other factors you need to check include performance and technology, warrantee information, cost, critical reviews and customer remarks. Should there be any downsides with the wireless router, they might be tracked easily with user testimonials. The particular service available from the maker also can be seen so that you can opt for the perfect router per your needs. 

Guidelines to set up the router yourself 

The wireless router must be connected to the modem using an Ethernet cable in order to do it and not using a supporting program.

  • The wireless router has to be connected to the power supply. The wireless router will begin functioning in a minute.
  • The wireless router must be connected to the computer using an Ethernet cable connection.
  • If you need to login to the router, you should use your current internet browser. The particular IP address of the router must be typed in the browser. You'll find the Internet protocol address of the wireless router in the instructions provided by the manufacturer. Typically, the most used default IP addresses are and
  • You ought to enter in the network system account information to set up the computer network by which you'll be able to access the computer network. Most often the default login for your wireless router is "admin". Furthermore, the most common security passwords are both "admin: or even "password". Check the instructions to verify this specific detail.
  • In case you have carried out all the things the right way you are going to connect to the router settings page. You can actually customize the network name there. You may also decide on a different kind of file encryption. WPA2 is usually recommended to ensure the protection is incredibly improved.
  • We advise you to implement a network system password to stop not authorized entry. The password must be secure enough so that it won't be cracked very easily. It has to be a mixture of LETTERS, numbers as well as special characters.
  • It is advised to customize the router default password to help keep the controls from being modified by another person.
  • When you end this, you can detach the Ethernet cable connection from your router and computer and utilize it wirelessly.

Working with a program to install the wireless router
Before you start, make sure to disconnect the router from the personal computer, modem and the source of energy. 

The disc should be placed in the Computer. Make sure you make sure that you use the newest disc. For example, you can actually download the most recent edition from company's web site. By using a computer software it is quite easy to set up the router. The directions given on-screen should be put into practice. 

You could be connected to the router through the Ethernet wire on a short-term basis. The particular Wi-Fi functions of the router might be obtainable once you create a SSID and password. 

Sharing the internet connection 

As soon as you finish installing your router, you'll be able to easily share your internet connection with some other users. 

In case you control cabled connection, the primary personal computer must be started up. However, you'll be able to switch off the primary laptop or computer as you go for Wi-Fi internet connection. 

Don't fret about security complications while you set up your router. Just be certain not to get connected to unsecured computer networks and your private information would be safe.

Useful link : http://www.ipaddressdefinition.com/192-168-0-l-192-168-0-1/

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